The forums are dead


What happened? No blogs, no activity from users or devs. I know there was some disagreement on some things in the community. But mainly what drives activity here are the dev journals and the technical challenges / explanations from the developers.

Please show some new content.



Yep… Most of the discussions on the forum were about new stuff to be implemented around core mechanics of the game or big patch notes. Now, most of the discussions and feedback on new updates is on Discord or Steam.


The forums have been on life support for some time before the community issues unfortunately, they just demotivated what remained. We tried, /shrug.

Additionally i think a lot of the unique technical discussions (which i was more interested in before the forum software went to discourse) have now become fairly common across the internet, there’s a lot of places to go for that kind of thing now. It would have been good to keep seeing dev journals though.

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not in this case. The problem is that we were waiting for something special. BUT we got a shooter in space with no chips. My advice to do programming or 3d visualization is much more interesting than following the development process


they dont have to be narc. we can rebuild. we have the technology.

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Discord is the death to forums


We are alone in this world, even when we don’t think so


You think this is dead? Take a look at dev subforum, last post is from dec 2019


No, it’s oct 2020. The top posts are pinned.