The Elder Scrolls online

Got to see some of the game when it went on line. I think they started 30 minutes early as my friend jumped on three minutes after the official time there seemed to be a lot of people on already. I think a good idea to keep people from all logging on at the same time.
I liked the quest system. I liked that npcs involved in quest could be involved in other quest.
Being able to manipulate near everything didn’t seem so to us. I’m going with it was over hyped.
I didn’t like that there was a marker to tell the player were to go to for everything. Also I didn’t like that toon death was of little account. Killing the toon just to travel.
The look was a lot like the other games. If you liked the other Elder Scrolls for the little I saw I expect you to like this more.

From what I saw awhile ago, it looked more like WoW with Bethesda’s art styling and universe than an mmo successor to Elder Scrolls.

If they want to make the biggest impression they will include for the single player aspect of the game… FULL MOD SUPPORT!!! If they allow offline or server renting this would be possible.

I really wasn’t overly excited by my experience with TES:O

Attempting the “paid game + monthly subscription” model has pretty much ruled out me getting into that game. I see it going F2P within 6-12 months, similar to SWTOR (a game I mostly actually enjoy)

Agreed. The price of purchase plus the idea of then paying monthly also put me off completely. Without that, I would potentially be interested in playing. I made the mistake of paying for SWTOR when it came out and have regretted it ever since it went f2p because I never played it a huge amount.

I realise the developers have to fund the game, and it does look different for an MMO from what I’ve seen, but that’s just too much money.

A lot of criticism was given to skyrim all up to launch. I’m sure they have a lot of surprises to show but want it released first so no one copies their ideas. I hope this game changes the way mmo’s are played and made from here on out. The “tried and true” method has been heavily oversaturated and it’s about time someone makes these methods obsolete witch I am sure they will execute. If they fail, I will regret spending years following the development of this engine and game.

That’s the thing though. Skyrim was, mostly, carried by the modding community, as are Bethesda’s other games. The story also drove Skyrim far more than I’ve seen so far in TESO

@Sab1e: I still pay for SWTOR, though I don’t play it nearly as often as I ought to. It’s still a fairly fun game with a decent storyline, and I still like playing in the Old Republic universe. I think I’ll still play it from time to time, though I don’t know if I could fund it indefinitely

Actually, paid+sub is one of the main reasons I really wish I had the time to waste on an MMO now/when ESO launches, and the fact it’ll likely end up F2P in 6 months is the reason I’ll likely never try it even if I do have the money by then. Guess I may simply be biased because I’ve never played a MMO I really liked that didn’t use that payment model.

As for whether ESO will be any good as a TES game… I honestly never played any of them, so I couldn’t say. I guess maybe they’re trying to make their MMO appeal more to MMO players?

Yeah they might as well just give up because you know um… yeah?
I don’t think they will be free 2 play for a very long time. They have so many expansions intended for the next few years that I’m sure would make most mmo’s seem very boring not saying any names but take what you will. You know you could write to their community and give your thoughts!

I got to play in several of the Beta tests and I was impressed by how well it worked especially from first person. I would go as far to say the the paid+sub model they have is probably a fair price for the game, but a fair price is not always attractive to gamers. It definitely had flaws, like I felt they needed to improve archery and should provide more player quest choices with actual impact, but I was more or less content. Cyrodiil PvP was impressive, as was the simple size and scope of the game world.

I’m happy I could get my money’s worth out it, but I’m not convinced I’d have time to do so.

I really love Skyrim, I have played it for something like 350 hrs up to this point. I was in ESO beta, it didn’t really wow me, so I don’t think I will be buying ESO.

The client is only 32 bit, however there is a way to get 4g ram instead of 2g. Forums are going insane because of this but there is a solution. Question, If they had an offline single player SDK with full mod support that didn’t require a subscription would you buy?

What MMOs? Guild Wars 2 still provides new and interesting content, over a year on. Same goes for SWTOR. Neither have a subscription model any more (though SWTOR has a “premium” subscription)

Has anyone heard of this? Path of Exile

A game company here in New Zealand I only found out about a week ago. I haven’t looked into it, not my sort of thing yet it is F2P, no monthly sub the only thing ya money goes on if you want to buy anything is cosmetic stuff.

Oh yes, Path of Exile is awesome. After the massive disappointment that Diablo 3 was story- and atmosphere-wise, PoE was a fantastic surprise. Its skills/gems system is clever, it’s fun, well-made and with a great atmosphere.
And it’s free. Like, really free. The only thing you can ever buy is cosmetic, or convenience that a normal player won’t need (like an extension to the already big chest).

Why would they do that for a MMO? I can understand the SDK for users to create content for the MMO (like in Neverwinter or Everquest Next), but why would there be single-player content for a MMO?

Yeah, I’ve been testing TESO for a while now. It’s not worth your moolah. Big. Waste. Of. Time.

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Tried the beta, thought it looked alright. Arrived in Daggerfall, thought it was alright. Left Daggerfall, saw some pretty mountains and the sea. Swam in the sea, admired how it looked quite pretty.

Oh and then some mysterious magical force killed me for swimming too far out. Yeah, that’s where I decided this game isn’t an Elder Scrolls game. I was enjoying the scenery, but the limitations on the exploring and the ‘plastic’ feel you get with MMO’s just gave me the impression I’d never care for this game.