The Drone Thread

Anyone get any drones for the hoilday? Perhaps you’re an expert and wants to help out some noobies? Perhaps you just want to read about drones. This might be the thread for you!

I just got my first drone about a month ago. I bought a Hubsan x4 off ebay. I bought a bunch of extra props because I knew I would crash it a bunch and I did so that’s fine. Unfortunately I broke it when trying to remove a broken prop and ripped motor out(taking the wire off the base of the motor making resoldering impossible) so I just had to order a set of new ones.

I’m grounded now so I was wondering if anyone else has a drone or is into it. I really want to start building my own and getting the equipment for FPV but it’s pricey.

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I really want to get into drones, and R/C, but its pricey, and I dont know what I should get to start out.

I got one of these right after black friday on sale for 32$. I bought the “Crash package” with extra props, motors, a battery, and a frame but it turned out the motors and frame is a different size than the H107L.

It was super fun to fly until I ripped the wires out of the motor. Expect to break/bend some props and I bought 5 batteries and a charger capable of charging 5 at once so I could fly as long as I want since flight time was around ~5-10 minutes and it took about 30-45 minutes to recharge.

I should note that I am still a beginner and this is me attempting to get into it too. I’ve done some research and I think I want to stick with smaller frames/drones simply because I don’t want to register with the FAA.

I’ve seen a few handy guides posted on Tested.

Full List of Guides

Drone Simulator

and I saw a recent carry bag guide from FinalGlideAus

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My motors came in yesterday…I just finished replacing and soldering and it’s working great.

The angry little bee lives to fly another day!

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Nice! Can you do any tricks? Like a barrel roll? :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t figured out how to switch out of the noobie mode yet. :blush:

For now it automatically levels flight when I don’t give any control input, and it never tilts past a certain degree. I believe this is called acro or auto or something. As soon as I figure out how to switch I want to give it a go! It’s raining here for once(SoCal) so I can’t fly outside at the moment and try it out either.

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