The 1st impression

Played some hours and my 1st impression…

  1. That warp ram was fixed but still mentioning that gj fixing it so fast.

  2. Economy is too “rich”. Way too much credits or ships are too cheap. It should take much more time to get in bigger ships. There is 0 feeling of achievement, 0 feeling that you have to play well to get capitals. It is just that whatever I do, however bad I am, soon I will be in a Cruiser.

  3. Related to earlier… Corvette feels a bit useless as bots and humans fastly move on to bigger ships.

  4. Capital ships then generate much more credits than small ships -> Once you get in a big ships you often generate credits so fast that you will be never pushed back to a small ship. Bigger the ship, less credits you should generate from the same amount of damage/kills/etc

  5. Capital ships, 3rd person flying; This feels arcade. There should be more to this than there is right now. Interceptor/Bomber style flying is much better in comparison. It kind of should be more difficult to use capital ships, you would need to work more, do something more. I am sure this is not an issue for all but to me this is actually a big thing.

  6. Repairing/Rearming from station; This should be slower and you would need to actually land on the pad and not just hover. It is just way too easy to stay next to hangar and spam torpedoes/missiles.

  7. Repairing/Rearming from ships; This should be more difficult, we should land on carrier or connect with Corvette. We could request repairs/rearming and they would get identified and accept, then see the person you have agreed with in different color etc. Fly past a corvette and have more ammo, this is way too arcade.

  8. Carriers could have similar landing pads as station to repair. Corvette have a surface landing pad, like some of station pads.

  9. The game needs something more than just combat.

Ok, there are probably more but lets go to good things that are actually pretty easy…

The game is like “Wow this game is really cool”. The only real PvP space combat game. It is an early access game that can be really awesome, very potential game so far. So many early access games fail to achieve nothing after first steps, steam rating goes from “Mostly Positive” to “Mostly Negative”. Don’t please follow the rest, please succeed. We need a good space combat game.

Star Citizen has, was it 250m budget? It really doesn’t have good space combat even though that should be its main purpose. So indeed, gj guys.

I am really waiting this to become truly awesome. Good luck Gents


The game is beautiful, but it will not be in demand until the player is delayed by the assembly of ships. Each player has his own style and tactics of warfare. And for this the assembly of the ship is a personal occupation, as well as its own assembly for each weapon, for example, in turns or straights, or in Fat (for destroyers, etc.) The game will not be popular until there are more language localizations. While the game resembles an incomprehensible Tire, which quickly bothers. No companies, tasks. Just a shooter. There are fans of PVE, and there are fans of PVP, there is also a group of people who like to just fly to explore Space and planets. But you need all this to be interconnected.

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