[TGC] TransGalactic Couriers

So it’s been a while.

I had my post for this corp ready when the forum was moved way back when, but I was hesitant to submit it for whatever reason (maybe I was just being too much of a perfectionist and kept making excuses that it didn’t look right) so I never did.

But now that the Kickstarter is running I thought now might be a good time to just let you guys know that, if anyone remembers me, I’m still here and I’m absolutely still planning to get this corp off the ground. It’s likely that Battlescape may not even have the scope that would warrant or allow such a corp, but in hoping we eventually do make it to TQFE, I’ll be waiting.

If anyone cares, or I get bored at some stage, I’ll add details later.


Aus! Welcome back! Can’t wait to be space truckin’! IN SPACE!


WB! Long time no see.

Man, I can’t believe you’re still around. I had sort of given up on Infinity for the time being, until there was some sign that TQFE would be restarted, so I haven’t even bothered registering until now.

(I also can’t believe they got rid of the old forum. Damn shame.)

But yeah, I’ll be ready to go whenever you are.


We’re still alive and kicking, welcome home!

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