TargetSpeed limited to 361m/s?

why TargetSpeed limited to 361m/s?

Not sure what the criteria was for that being put in. But just turn off flight assist and you can go as fast as you want again.

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361 are exactly the number of intersections on a go board.

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It scales with ship acceleration, something like 10s of thrust.

What do you mean?


Do you play? I never broke 17 kyu myself.

Yes I do and now I assume Flavien does too :slight_smile:

If you don’t like the speed cap you can disable it in the launcher settings, there’s a checkbox for that.

I’m unsure what that checkbox does. Everytime someone mentions it I check it, but it still doesn’t allow me to set e.g. a 1km/s target speed with flight assist on.

Ah yeah, it only allows to manually accelerate over the speed cap. I’ll modify it so that it allows to set a target speed higher than the cap in the upcoming patch.