[TA] The Alliance

About Us

The Alliance is a clan for anybody who doesn’t want to, or have the time to join a separate forum and go to trainings. We focus on working as a team in-game and in-game only. There wont be any separate websites or trainings you have to join. This clan is all about having fun with others in-game.


There are four available ranks right now.

  1. Member; You joined us! Feel free to join in battles and follow us around! You are a full member of the group and will be accepted as one.
  2. Senior Member; You have been in this group for a while. You must have been in this group for a full month, and have decent ships in-game. You will be a rally point for members, and help lead them.
    3; Admins; As an admin, you watch for Members who are just trolling. Your goal is to keep the trolls to the minimum, so everyone else can have fun. You have the same responsibilities as a senior member, and you should act like one to.
    4; Captains: Basically me and a select few who helped start this clan. Dont call us “Boss” Or “Sir” as we are just like you guys. People who just want to have fun in the game. We will act as admins, keeping the peace in the group, but other than that, we are members, just like you guys.


Want to join? Just post in the comments! When the main game comes out, join the clan! Just remember to be mature, and have fun with the rest of us! We look forward to playing with you guys! ClassicalPotato out!

Questions? Contact me!
gmail: TheClassicalPotato@gmail.com