Surface Vegetation

What is the likelihood of some form of surface vegetation being included? Such as trees or shrubbery? These would add a lot of beauty to the cinematic views this game and engine have been so successful at producing thus far.

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I believe trees and clouds are a stretch goal in the kickstarter. This engine does lifeless planets well, and terran planets look good from altitude but lacking at zero meters.

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The last time I’ve read about this feature, it was described as “a nice feature to have but not immediately necessary”.
It’s not explicitly written in the stretch goal, but I guess it could be included anywhere between the 600k and 1M goal.

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There’s currently some placeholder trees that you can see in a few of the videos but they are entirely placeholder. (low res, low density, bad pop in at high speed).

If you take a look at Outerra (another game capable of rendering a full sized Earth) you can see that very nice trees are possible on this scale. it’s just a matter of funding and time.

Awesome, let’s promote the heck out of this and hit some of those stretch goals then!


It’s up to you the citizen to help out!

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