Super Open Diamond Chest

Distribution of games for the fulfillment of conditions.

That’s kind of you, but songs are not my specialty by far :stuck_out_tongue:

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All games from HB and groupees no region lock.

if you wanna grab something. Common guys flown i am Scrooge Mcduck!!!

That’s very kind of you :slight_smile:
I already have a few games to finish though, among them “The Wither 3” I’ve started not long ago.
Perhaps later ^^

@pictbrige now that you are a regular … this thread seems to be made for you:

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yes i buy in gog without dlc around 699-600 rub few month ago.

aha but he locked

It’s not locked, the Lounge is a restricted subforum for regulars who visit the site often.

now i fully understand correct shure doors open in Diamond Chest.

im in Nebula online

Giveaway: X2Savage Lands, Rust,Just type below ‘‘i’m in and name of the game’’ till Friday 23:59 Moscow time

I’m in Space Engineers.

Dreadnought one key appear. Just type below ‘‘i love huge’’

I love huge…ships?

Ok you in or not?

Of course the ship, the ship will be let.

Typical male logic. Women would have a different answer. They quickly grow

Yeah, I’ll be in. It looks like an entertaining game.


(Whispered) - Just Type below i’m in

space hype

till Friday
Spriter Pro and Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Standard

Draft '‘show me, please, as you draw, let’s do this draw a picture!’'