Suggestions to make a game never seen, but always dreamed

ok guys, I know that many will find one my absurd suggestions, but if it were possible to choose how to make a space game here’s my suggestions, if not all, maybe something can be leveraged:
Real space without static backgrounds , what you see can be explored. Planets that can not only be exploited but also colonized , which you can build a base and can give orders to NPCs so they can build a city and then the other populated cities , roads , commerce and industry and technology and etc. on the planet .
What exists beyond the nebulous meteors and also suns with their solar systems , stars of various categories , comets , Gamma-ray bursts, Stellar flare, black holes that are really dangerous if you get too close to the wrong Nave , and other stellar phenomena dangerous .
Giant ships abandoned at certain points in space where you can dock and explore without knowing what kind of creature can be there , an intelligent terribly friendly or hostile creature or maybe an alien who only think of eating his flesh .
Missions including some of these ships where u have to capture some valuable object or simply redeem the entire ship to a point in the universe . Option to create Custom Stations ( spaceengineers type or StarForge ) .
Custom power ships and explores them inside, summon a crew for her and be able to manage this crew , transporting people from one planet to another or from one season to another . The ships are modular and can in a battle you have destroyed their weapons up or maybe its engines or its Jumpdrive eg .
Different classes of aliens , some unknown to the players , that only in the middle of space exploration will find them or not . And a really big space so we can really feel as space explorers .

Most of that is planned for the MMO, except there won’t be intelligent aliens.

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That good! So surely this is the game that I long to play!

:frowning: I still like aleins.

Note that the MMO was the initial idea 8+ years ago, but right now the focus is a semi-persistent match based game called Infinity: Battlescape.
So while Battlescape may not be the game you long to play, the MMO is far more likely to happen if Battlescape is a success.

Yes! course. we make the battlescape a success, leading us to the MMO Infinity.