Suggestion: make more people aware of the game

I know you guys are a rather small team and can’t afford big advertisements millions will see, but you still could try and actively encourage people to tell their friends about it.

1 idea I have that might accomplish this is referral rewards (refer 1 player to buy the game and get a thing, refer 5 people get another thing, etc.).

Or you could just straight up ask people to tell their friends about it. That might work too.

And so ends my babbling

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We’re thinking of offering people the ability to generate referral links which will give them a revenue share, maybe 5%, of all sales they generate. This would only work for purchases made through our website and not, for example, Steam.


Wow, that is a risky move.

Monetary rewards sometimes bring out the worst in people. People will either find a way to abuse that system or abuse players in that system. (e.g. “use my referral link then buy this $100 thing or else [insert lie or threat]”)

However it is bound to bring in a lot more players than my idea.


Obsidian Ant released a video on 30 Aug about IB–45k views as of 2 Sept 19. I had seen this “coming soon” game in other videos but did not know in what state it was in until his video. He used someone else’s video while narrating.


Welcome to the community!

Yeah, he used one of Playbennis videos, a long time player and backer. Benni posted about the video himself on discord and is cool with it being used. More exposure means more newer players and more feedback from fresh players.

The older ones who had longtime alpha and beta access are a bit biased, since they spent so much time already with different iterations of the game. We welcome therefore every new experience / opinion very much.

DreamKeys (aka Seuche)


i prefer organic vs corporate approach of buying everyone out.

We do too but unfortunately this is the world we live in. Since we can’t really afford marketing we’d be offering streamers and people interested in marketing the opportunity to get paid by marketing our game on our behalf. It’s an experiment, I’m not aware of anyone doing this though Epic Games has mentioned they’re interested in trying something similar with the Epic Game Store. Maybe nobody is doing it because it’s a bad idea or maybe they’re not doing it just because they never really thought of it.

If you do that I suggest also offering a small benefit to the person buying the game through the referral link, otherwise they have no incentive to use the referral. Similar to the tesla referral scheme where the person using the referral gets free supercharging. Maybe an additional skin or something like that…

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Random thought that is probably not doable but worth mentioning: It would be great if you could make it so that when you buy Steam Gift Keys of the game for other people, that money counts towards the amount of your pledge and can push you towards higher backer/reward tiers.


I dont think you should give real money payback or share, and instead give ingame money value since that something you dont need that much as a developer. Isnt that a better solution ?

The problem is that the ppl we’re trying to incentivize the most with revenue sharing is streamers and they won’t care about in-game currency.

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You could do what Risk of Rain 2 did. For a limited time, get a copy to gift a friend when you buy. Granted ROR is bigger and better known but still, it worked extremely well for them at the start.


Go upvote Obsidian Ants video on IB.