Subterfuge: Week long strategy game for mobile

As a holder of a Neptune’s Pride account, I was emailed recently about a very similar game being released soon: Subterfuge.

Subterfuge plays out in real-time over the course of a week or more. Players check in a few times each day to assess their situation, issue or modify orders, and engage their fellow players in diplomacy and subterfuge. You will need to master both strategy and diplomacy to earn your victory, so plan ahead, coordinate with others, and carefully consider the consequences of your actions!

Join the Subterfuge beta and play the full game for free until it launches (Upon launch the game will still be freely playable, but unlocking the full feature set will cost $10).

If you have an iOS or Android device you can follow this link from your device to install the game and jump in on the beta:

Personally I prefer the HTML5 device-neutral nature of Neptune’s Pride.

Some people want to give Subterfuge a go before the release?