Strike Suit Zero

Recently bought this game cause I was in the mood for mech stuff, and surprisingly is was similar to what Inovae is going for. Thought I might share it.

You play as a pilot in a space fighter and go on linear missions where you face different enemies and objectives, but what really struck me was how similar the battles were in terms of vision. The further in the campaign you go the more you see massive battle where fighters, corvettes, cruisers and carriers all play a role in how you decided to fight. Do you go for the corvettes and shoot down their torpedoes, or pick off the interceptors so your capital ships can so some damage.

You’ll mostly be using your Strike Suit rather than a fighter craft, so don’t expect you’ll be some ace in space. It’s a single player game and all the events are scripted, and most of the time what you target during a fight is pretty obvious but i was still impressed by how similar the vision was to IB’s.

If your itching for a cool space game I recommend it, and you can get it off of G2A for around 2 bucks if you want it on Steam.

I’ve played it and did enjoy it for what it was, but i wouldn’t compare it to what I-Novae is going for. It’s a transforming mech suit a la Gundam or Macross and they use airplanes in space for the flight model. Oh yeah, and it doesn’t have full-scale procedurally generated planets :wink:

There’s also the Strike Suit Infinity version which is just a wave-survival game with the same suits and purchasable fleet support.

In the end, I think you’ll find the scope of I-Novae’s vision far out-strips this game.

Oh yeah, it’s a far cry from what Battlescape is.

What i meant was how you take part of these large scale battles with different ships, each with its own capabilities like carriers that spawn more fighters or corvettes whose torpedoes can really damage your capital ships. But i guess i didn’t make that clear enough.

I just thought if you could control those ships, not just the Strike Suit, it’d be like what Battlescape is going for, but thanks for adding what you said. : )

The game was fun from what I remember.