Steam Workshop Questions

Continuing the discussion from Infinity : Battlescape FAQ:


I was wondering if, with a Steam release, there would be a Steam Workshop too that you could upload mods to for subscription purposes :slight_smile:

I am keen to dabble in some total conversions (Star Trek and/or Homeworld) and having people subscribe to a mod has been an excellent experience in other games.

Also, when it comes closer to the time, is there going to be documentation/examples on how to add ships etc? File formats, rigging tools and so on?

Thank you!

Hi Nathanius,

afaik mod support was an unreached strechgoal during the kickstarter campaign. They do plan to add it however If the game becomes a success.


You don’t need official support per se, anyone can break things down and tinker given time and expertise. :smiley:

But yeah, actual support and design decisions to allow for modding later always makes things go quicker :wink: