Steam key for the backers?

Hello to all. The development is going great… the game is getting better every day!

From time to time I update the standalone version, to test it a little.
Today I’ve seen that it’s already on Steam. Are you going to give a steam key, to the backers?

Kind regards to all


Welcome back, the game is currently not available on Steam, but good question, @inovaekeith are we gonna get Steam keys?

Infinity: Battlescape

same as…

Iron Harvest

*I have access to a link for the most recent version (Beta?) and I’ve already received/activated the steam key of the game.


Not sure if INS has done the Steam integration work yet, the reason why I pinged Keith, to get some kind of update on that.

I’m assuming we’ll get keys when it releases on Steam. Or they could do what Frontier did and force backers to buy it on steam :rofl: /s

Frontier just required you to link your Frontier account to the Steam account, I used that functionality and INS is likely to implement the same.

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selbie Stellar Supporter

Sorry; yes looks like I missed the «/s»… my bad :sleeping:
Fortunately, Frontier is not like CIG…

Kind regards

You missed the /s meaning sarcasm. I’m also an early backer with a lifetime pass :+1:

There was a point where Frontier did say they would not offer Steam keys for backers, but they were forced to backflip because of backer complaints.

Stunning… Infinity Battlescape = Space Engine, but with space ships combat.


We’re still working out how we’re going to handle Steam integration for existing backers. It is, unfortunately, a bit trickier than we had anticipated but at the moment we’re confident we’ll be able to get it sorted out eventually. I can’t guarantee that it’ll be prior to our Early Access launch. It’s not particularly high priority since you’re all able to play the game as it is but we understand a number of you would prefer to access the game through Steam.


I suspect it will become less of an issue with so many store clients and the release of GoG Galaxy 2 as an all-in-one launcher.

*coughs inconspicuously* Epic Games Store *coughs again*

We contacted Epic about launching on EGS but they never responded. Their store is supposed to become generally available sometime in the second half of this year so whenever that happens we’ll look at launching on their store as well.

Huh, that is very interesting.

Especially when the gog galaxy 2.0 launches. I wonder how that is going to affect people’s behaviour.

hurrah for asteroids backer week-end 26th - 29th of July. Savor the steps leading up to it.