Stealth and EMP?

Will stealth and EMP be a part of the game?

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We currently don’t have any plans for stealth however EMP style weapons are something we’re actively discussing. It’ll probably be another month or 2 before we get a chance to begin experimenting with them.

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I’m not sure what other games did, but I like the Ion Cannons and MagPulse weapons in the X-Wing series. (MagPulse Torpedoes from TIE Fighter).

when i mean stealth. i mean enemy cannot get a lock. not cloaking tech :slight_smile:

There are two things currently in the game.
A sensor system. With ships outputing radiation and ships having different sensor ranges.
It’s indicated on the hud on the top right by a graph and the distance shown next to it.

And there are ships systems that can be destroyed. Blaster fire currently does no hull damage but has a chance to disable enemy ship system.

How much and how exactly these systems will be built uppon is not currently known.

As Keith said, we’ll see oncethey start working on those and related systems.

And a black paint job?

I got it and like it , also some classic shields mgnt , introduced in star war tie fighter and x-wing serie.
As a tactical shoot fangirl , i m interrested in flashbang torpedos , and other bluring effects.
Evasive or intrusive cover pop smokes (any flavors !)
and actual active protection system.
Something that doesnt not “overconsume” bandwiths and cpus servers\clients engines , and devs brains.

Keeping game fun to play , on a large scale.

when i play i just die every 60-90secs. waiting for other humans to help me.

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I’ll set up another in game meet up.

I like to arrange them following an update so we can stress test the new mechanics with more people online. But we also need to get some more feedback on the current game loop.