Starfighter INC. Kickstarter

Hard sci-fi / Newtonian physics.
Multiplier battle-arena.
People(/individual from the group of people) who made X-Wing, Tie Fighter (and a bunch of other, infinitely less interesting, stuff).

Kinda surprised it doesn’t have a discussion topic here yet, although it does have one of the vaguest Kickstarter pitches I’ve seen for a game in quite some time and the stretch goals are just plain stupid.

Everything they HAVE said sounds nice, but the ‘world of tanks’ comment made me file the game under the ‘possible F2P ****, ignore till later details prove otherwise’ pile before they’ve even started.

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Multiplier battle-arena.

Meh. :S

well, if you’re in the mood of throwing money away, i’d suggest star citizen, at least they have some gameplay done, for me, space fighters per se doesn’t tickle anything, and battlescape still got the edge of planetary landing.


Nice looking aurora. Space elevator. Getting interested… Cool looking ships. Good, good. Newtonian physics. Yes!
Landing on planets?..



I’m on the fence, it got potential to be fun, but there are so many pitfalls that could turn it into another world of tanks but in space. I’ll pass for now but I’m gonna keep an eye on it.

Cheers for sharing.

I feel the word “Space” combat/warfare/shooter has become a turnoff due to how many space sims are being developed. It makes them feel common and therefore not unique. IMO I-Novae has to find a new term to describe space and atmospheric fighter combat.

[edit] Although even “atmospheric” has a problem that there have been space sins that have or promise to have combat in cloud layer, but not below.

What makes this game different than Star Citizen or Elite Dangerous?

Pure, high-intensity, explosion-a-minute tactical space combat.

No mining, no hunting womp rats, no exploration through deep space. All that stuff is awesome and those games do it extremely well. However, we decided that if we were going to be the best at one thing, it would be blowin’ stuff up!

How come what “features” they will add to the specified games is way less than what they won’t have?

I wonder what engine they are using. Hopefully not custom or CryEngine, haven’t we heard that the latter is one of the reasons that Star Citizen is taking so long.

But since they are game industry veterans their stretch goals prove what I-Novae have been saying. It ain’t cheap. I even feel just revealing those stretch goals hurts the campaign, since you quickly notice the different funding levels between those.

1 million?

Starfighter has scripted missions at 1.5 million. User created missions at 2.25 million and a proper single player campaign at 10/17 million.

Personally I don’t see myself playing a voice-less campaign.

Voice doesn’t cost much to do. But we don’t need Hollywood CGI do we? Stuff like that can come later.

Also its very clear in the video for this Starfighter KS that its primarily a PVP game with some idea of going PVE/STORY mode if they get allot of money. Which they won’t because first pitch to the customers is pvp, while most people will want the later, and not as a footnote to the former.

Surely that makes sense?

I beg you @Naiba, make that video a link, please, it just keeps auto-playing… :cry:

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It was refusing to work as a video link, sorry, removed it now.

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You just need to put a space before the link.

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This KS has flopped as I predicted. I hope Inovae can learn from this as to avoid duplicating the result here, because I:B does sound like the exact same thing with a couple extra options on top.