Star Wars: The Old Republic - Discussion

I was wondering, along the same lines as the Guild Wars 2 Discussion, is anyone playing on SWTOR?

Also, has anyone seen the announcement for the new Starfighter PVP module?

Downloaded it last night after making an account.

It’s interesting, the (trooper’s) story’s sunk its hooks into me, and the visual aesthetic is one of the best I’ve seen in a long time.

I hate the gameplay and I severely dislike some of the ways that EA/Bioware have come up with to “convince” you to pay.

I’ll reserve judgment on the dogfighting expansion until I get my hands on it, though the trailer did looks somewhat interesting.

I must admit I’ve found the gameplay lacking compared to the likes of Guild Wars 2, which is one of the reasons I’ve struggled to get back into it so far

If anyone’s interested in joining us, we’ll be in Prophecy of the Five, a US PvP server.

I’ve got to say it failed to keep me hooked. I had high expectations of it, which didn’t help. I’m a massive fan of the old Knights of the Old Republic game, so I hoped this could be an improvement. Instead it felt somewhat dumbed down.

However, I found the trooper to be one of the better classes to play (and their counterpart on the other side: the bounty hunter even more fun - a pity that story was not great). I can’t put my finger on what made me quit exactly, but you’ll have to let us know how you get on!

I tried out a few of the storylines but ultimately found the Imperial Agent to be the most enjoyable. Generally speaking I’m always the “good guy” in games that give me a choice and and can never be evil, but I found the Republic story lines to be a lot less enjoyable.

The Imperial Agent / Smuggler classes gave me the play style I wanted but I couldn’t be Republic without the game ramming Han Solo down my throat. As it turned out I didn’t mind playing Empire so much when I discovered how good the story arcs were, I just had to compensate a little with as many light side actions as I possibly could.

Actually yeah, I do remember enjoying the Imperial Agent story as well, and the rifle mechanics were good fun. Didn’t like the smuggler anywhere near as much. Plus the agent has/had? a very cool ship. :smile:

One of my fellow PHX members is running as Imperial Agent at the moment and I must say that I found it quite intriguing. I’m definitely planning on going that way for my next character. I’ve been playing as the Sith Warrior recently though, and I’ve found that storyline to be fairly good too.