Star Wars Teaser Trailer

Why hasn’t anyone posted this yet? It looks so awesome! :smiley:

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The first words out of my mouth: “It’s NEW! And… STAR WARS!”

Definitely looks promising. I told myself I wasn’t going to get excited. I failed.

Acceptable amounts of Lens Flare!

Yo dawg! We know you like lightsabers so we put lightsabers on your lightsaber… :wink:


Hmmm, got another trailer somehow … seems totaly legit.

Yeap, totaly legit ! :smiley:

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Both of them were "an error"ed >:( must be busy!

Pretty cool. However, I have a problem with it.

If the director’s idea of adding dramatic tension is to make 30 seconds of a minute forty trailer a blank screen, either they only have 10 minutes of presentable material or this is going to be a really cheesy movie.

Well, to be fair, as I understand it the film will not be released until the end of next year (around the slot The Hobbit currently occupies), so it’s entirely possible they don’t have a huge amount of good stuff to show yet! Also, it’s only a teaser, so it’s supposed to be limited and make us beg for more. Abrams is famous for teasing!

One thing I have heard pointed out, which I hadn’t noticed until I heard it pointed out… was that it all looked like original Star Wars concept art brought to life (Ralph McQuarrie?). And a new score from John Williams! It had a pleasing, familiar feel to it that I find rather mouth-watering. :smiley:

Good point there. I did have a longer post with me rambling, but let me boil it down for everybody’s benefit. To me, a 40 second trailer without huge amounts of blank spaces is better than a minute long trailer with 20 seconds of blanks. I would have been sufficiently teased in the former just as much as the latter. :smiley:

EDIT: I think the hobbit is going to be released this year. [search-fu commencing…] Yeah, I think it’s this year.

Not impressed. The appearance of the movie was too disneyism. And with Abrams, I don’t know which worse: Lens Flares or lightsabers. Annoying.

I didn’t have a problem with the saber design, it looks more volatile and more dangerous now. However, I thought it overall felt a little cheesy, just because of the way the teaser was done. I don’t want to judge this based on the teaser, but I feel that it’s too similar to the original star wars movies, which haven’t aged well at all.

No idea what you are talking about. Any link or further explanation as to why you think the original trilogy haven’t aged well would be appreciated.

I thought it looked awesome, I love the new art direction, the sith voice rocked, I’m totally psyched for the movie now!

I never thought I would hear a sentence I could not disagree with more. :slight_smile: You are entitled to your opinion of course but I would say building on the original trilogy is the best thing they could do, and I think A New Hope/Empire/Jedi have aged very well considering when they were made!

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Personality I think the first trilogy ( oldest ) aged more well than the most recent one :slight_smile: ( the CG in it looks really dated/cheap for today’s standards ).

Now if they can avoid another Jar Jar Binks, I’ll be happy :wink:

I realize that not everyone will appreciate this humor, but then again, I feel most viewers will enjoy it for the lols.

Either way, it made me smile, so I’m sharing it here. :smiley:


Speaking of which, here’s the “stabilized” millenum falcon part:

Edit : raaah, why won’t the gif show ? Maybe because it’s flagged as a .gifv ?
Edit2 : just got the “v” out of “.gifv”. Thanks @Lomsor !

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I totally don’t get it.

Well, the main point of the parody is the following: you’ve got the original verison (here it is about the trailer) … aaaaand the special edition that ruins mostly everything :slight_smile:
The video points most of the “worst”, on which fans were crying out loud.

Now that camera roll (initially cool) looks totally pointless. :slight_smile: