Star Wars 360* interactive video

I don’t know how they did this, but I found it pretty awesome to watch/interact with! Even if you’re not a fan of Star Wars, it’s still good to appreciate the skill of the people who can make things like this!


Wow, thanks.

Finally a real good use case for VR gear?

I’m imagining that’s where it’s headed. Some of those wrecked ships looked astonishing. The only thing is making sure you don’t miss things by looking in the wrong direction…

Pretty similar to the tech Google have been trialing in YouTube for real videos

Red Bull have done a few of these, for instance

Very interesting. Not sure though that it will spread much in the future, because I guess it does require a lot more design on a 360 degrees?

Except that it’s perfect for game demos. Remember when INS was going to make a demo available that involved a camera on rails? That’s exactly what this is. It would be far simpler to just record a 360 video in the prototype and publish that on YouTube than it would to publish demo software that has to be downloaded, installed, run, and uninstalled.

I had a glimmer of hope that movies could be made in 360deg view, then head tracking or VR gear could be used to watch the movie from whatever perspective you want.

However even much simpler techniques, like 3D movies that basically just need a different camera are not common these days. Recording a cg animated movie might be possible, given some extra work is done, but real-actor movies are probably way out of reach for film-makers to use this tech.

Some are on it:

VR gear needs to be common first. Its the low end of your posibility soectrum but I think you will be able to experience full freedom in movies in the future.
The technology is on its way. The market isn’t yet.