Star Citizen brought me here

I’ve often seen the I-Novae engine talked about in the Star Citizen forums when the subject of PG comes up. I think the look of the engine is incredible. I just saw this post: literally 5 minutes ago and on the spot pledged $85 for this developer. I hope the game turns out awesome. It has a lot of potential.

By the way, I’ve backed Star Citizen, Elite: Dangerous, and this game. I played EVE Online for a few years. This isn’t a place to bash any of them–as I am an equal opportunity space game lover. :smile:

Anyway, cheers guys. Lets hope this project stays the course. It’s looking good so far.



It isn’t. :smile: That holds true for the whole forum.


There can never be enough awesome space games.


@pindleton Some question to you:

What do you think about the Kickstarter page? Were you already convinced before coming to Kickstarter? What ought your eye the most? What didn’t you like? What information didn’t you find? And how did you receive the Kickstarter Video? Did it do a good job of showing the vision of Infinity:Battlescape and its remarkable technology?

Just some question to someone who never heard of Infinity before. We are all very biased and it’s hard to rate the Kickstarter due to that. Some help would be appreciated.


Welcome Pindleton!! :smile:

Unfortunatly, seem like the post about Infinity was erased.

Anyway, welcome.

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I can definitely feel the love. I see several great space games in our future!


I had seen the engine before, and thought it would be awesome if used in a game. I didn’t know that I-Novae were making their own game. So naturally, when I saw a game was in the making, I knew I should pledge. These guys have great potential. The Kickstarter page didn’t really sway me one way or the other. Although it was nice to see their vision. I plopped down $85. Hoping for the best . I thought the movie trailer was a bit cheesy, and the voice acting was poorly done. The canyon chase video was cool though.


Given their current resources it actually exceeded my expectations. Regardless, it’s great to have your support.

If you have any critical feedback about the Kickstarter page I’m sure the devs would love to hear it.


@pindleton Well said! I too came over when I read about it on Star Citizen. Instantly had to back this…awesomeness!

Great project and look forward to playing in this community as well as SC.


LOL,me too

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Me also. Looking forward to this


Hi there and welcome aboard!!
I have backed the same games to!!!


There is no such thing as too few space sims… after years of drought in the space sim genre we finally have some space sims being developed again. Good, even awesome games at that! and not just one, but multiple good, incredible space games!

That in my eyes is a reason to celebrate, for this is an awesome and much overdue development, and I do think there is more than enough space (pun definitely intended) for each and every one of them. :slightly_smiling:
The Golden Age of space games is once again ahead of us, so let’s rejoice and enjoy it! :smiley:

As for me: I too backed Star Citizen first, and from that game learned of both Elite: Dangerous and this game, and am now backing all three. I love the work you are doing here, this is truly an awesome achievement you are creating over here! I love it, keep it up! :slightly_smiling:

With regards,


Except for the Elite topic, which is full of it. Not that Elite doesn’t deserve lots of criticism. :stuck_out_tongue: But there’s only so much you can make out of “it’s boooooring”-level posts compared to posts discussing the game’s actual issues vs. how they may make one personally feel about it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Came for Star Citizen. Stayed for Elite. Looked into Battlescape because of them.


Same here.

I pledged the kickstarter, due to posts on SCs forums. I’m sincerely hoping IB can pull this off.

I like what I see of the controls and flight model. I like the game concept. I’d prefer a smaller game to start off, instead of a persistent universe.

I Love where the Keith and Flavien’s heads are. So far, they have shown they have a methodical approach to game development. You’d think they had some experience in project management.


And while nothing is set in stone, for some reason, I have more confidence in Inovae over CIG.

All-in-all, I’m very happy with the direction IB has taken.


Another Star Citizen here, brought to you by Chris Roberts’ message of support. Also backed Elite Dangerous, Descent Underground, Everspace, and the unsuccessful “Starfighter Inc.” campaign (I was XW/TF over WC back in the day). You might say I’m just a bit pleased to see this renaissance of space sims.

Meanwhile, I’ve played Vendetta Online for years, dabble in Angels Fall First, Fractured Space, Starpoint Gemini, and Rebel Galaxy.


Exactly the same !!!


Sorry for Necro.
Always was the Sci-fi type of Gamer. Had Infinity: Universe on radar but lost it some while ago.

Got here through watching some Youtube Space games of 2017 videos.
So finally 2017 seems a nice Year for Space Games.