Speculation about the next blog update

Quote from Keith’s Twitter:

Keith Newton @inovae_keith · Nov 7
A blog with a big update is forthcoming, in the meantime I hope you enjoy the new video =)

What do we think this could be about? And just how big is “big”? A part of me is hoping… well you can probably guess what I’m hoping for.

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Could it be… the announcement for the timing of the kickstarter? (one can hope) :wink:

It could be big news as opposed to a long articul. (spelling,I gave up)
I’m hoping for the donations list. Something like: donate $5M and Flavin will not only come to your house and set up your I:B but also give you the first copy of Infinity the Quest for Earth! in five or so years.

I just hope it doesn’t include a date from Keith :wink:

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I expect it will analyze and talk about the rings video and answering to our concerns about it, then only to announce that the kickstarter is coming soon and that they hope for before or after xmas.
It’s so predictable it hurts.