Spaceship Art Thread


Art of any form, regarding spaceships. Post your favorites, there’s an old thread from '15 about favorite spaceship designs, but we’re a bit long overdue for another of these threads.

Starting with the obvious ones(corvette is best, fight me):

And some from elsewhere:



Bit of a mix of old contributions in there too, but the contribs have always been really high quality.


Nice! See some familiar ships there.

Corvette FTW, best space ship ever.

Here are some of mine on my laptop, I’ll check my desktop and see if I can’t drudge up any more later.

First some more Homeworld.

Here’s concept art from a game called Infinite Fleet, an MMO RTS game inspired by anime (I know, but the MMO RTS sounds really tasty IMO)

Here’s some from a CGI artist Dan Brown.

(two of the same kind of ship docked at a space station)

Who can forget Cyrano?


and an odd one:


John Berkey


a lot of times people design ships without critical reasoning and basic understanding of physics, hence wings and rudders on capital ships in the vaccum of space.

infinity and homeworld are two games which have largely eschewed this stupid and cliche design trope for more functional looking ships, and they look better for it.

another thing that annoys me is perfect symmetry on capital ships. on something that large with consideration for space utilization? and a lot of times, there’s so many pointless projections and panels that look like the ship was designed by a 10 year old. on large ships you need greebling, not huge slaps jutting out everywhere. i mean this is fucking garbage:


I’d have to go with StarCraft 2’s Hyperion Battlecruiser as my favorite as it is similar in style of an Ur-Quan Dreadnought from Star Control and has a lot of directional thrusters:


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Riiight, the space yacht with turrets protected from the outside world by giant recurved metal walls.

The previous one (original version), had at least a solid utilitarian, men, not-completely-stupid aesthetic that did a good job at illustrating its faction

Too bad the newer teams never had any inkling of what had made design, story or even characters interesting in the first ones, and went instead for pure Hollywood blockbuster filler material instead.

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Ewww, just as ugly as Star Trek ships. There is no other option. We have to engage in debate about taste! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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4 minutes of Star Wars ship design goodness. Enjoy.