Space_Xtreme Worlds™:The_Colony Development

What’s Up Gamers:

OK, Let me begin by saying it’s nice to finally see a great engine like this,it’s one that I’ve waited long and hard for to start my game development, Plus it has procedurally generated planets, hope u can customize them. OK, Now to my game development, I’ve been thing of a game that would make other space scene games look outdated. By using this engine which i hope [I-Novae would gladly allow me to Partner with me in the development of my game.

Anyone wishing to help out this development to be on the top games of the year and be spotlighted. Please Contact Me On Skype @ kaleb.carrington or at my business email 

                                                                                                           Thank Your for Your Time

maybe you should start by choosing a name that is not already taken:

good luck with your making-a-game-that-would-make-other-space-scene-games-look-outdated goals

thanks for the heads up and if u are a good coder or program or u work with I-Novae then u can help me out it’ll be trademarked with the I-Novae Logo and license Agreement of InfinteSoftwareProductions™