Space for Capital Ships Auto Turn bug?

Space, for auto turn for Capital ships doens’t work. I need to hold shift all the time. Bug?

You’ll need to check the auto-turn and set heading keybinds in options. They should be on/off toggles.

Ahh. I see what the problem is now.

“CapShipAutoTurn” is a button that changes the behaviour of the function you try to use, it actually is not the function. When pressing “CapShipAutoTurn” you either set it to “On” or “Off”. On means that you can press once and the ship will go to that heading. Off means you have to hold the function button to go to that heading.

“CapShipTurn” is the event you want to use.

See this for more details: Keybindings Configuration and Workarounds

On or Off if I hold left shit the capital ship turn, and if is auto on it should turn with my mouse, right?

Capital control scheme aims to decorelate aim and navigation.
To have the ship always turning with your mouse, use the other control scheme (not direct nor capital control scheme). F4 to cycle them IIRC.

This is the one thing that I think needs sorting for capital ship controls. Either label the keybinds more clearly, or get rid of the dual modes altogether.

I bound always leave it in the mode where a key press sets a heading (which I bound to spacebar). This allows me to either tap to set heading, or hold to follow mouse. Confusingly, this is not the command set to spacebar by default, which in fact toggles the two modes.

If I were you, I’d rebind it to an out-of-the-way key.