Some feedback and some suggestions

I have been following this game since infinity the quest for Earth, i have played its combate prototype too, don’t even know the year or it.

The combat was great at that time and it became even better. Flying the ship is great, using the weapons and all the overheating thing is great, the ships are great, the visual of the game is great, it’s a really immersive experience.

But the game lacks a clear objective to fight for, it’s not very clear which station is being attacked and what we loose by getting it destroyed by the enemies. The lack of information at the map and spawn selection helps us not get interested by what is going on the universe. This is a problem since people with get tired of the game really fast if they don’t have a purpose to fight for.

The game also lacks some progression but i think there should be no account progression, just profession inside each match, using the credits earned to buy better modules for the ships.

About the credits, that should be not easy to get as they are right now, the income and the need to get bigger ships should be the purpose that makes us defend a factory or a station.

Overall i thing that this game is a true gem that can become a really good space game, if those problems are addressed enough.