Solar System Mod

I feel the urge to find out who the first person will be to recreate our solar system in the iNovae engine.

Anybody game?

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Not to sound pessimistic or anything, but that may depend very much of the reached KS stretch goal.

With moding possibility, I guess it could be do-able.
Without, maybe some reverse-engineering could get you somewhere, although I wouldn’t bet on it (never been good at it anyway ^^). I remember the first Skyrim mods were made before Bethesda released any API, but they mostly were texture centered.

Modding will probably make it into the game eventually. Just not at launch if the Stretchgoal isn’t reached.

The big thing you’re missing is that all planets are procedural, Venus, Terra, Mars and Jupiter (plus quite a few sattelites) have to be done by hand. Another option is to integrate real heigh maps and colour maps as a baseline so the procedural engine generates the details further than what our maps give. This would require specialised development for a single star system. There’s a lot of tech that will have to go into it and i can’t see the resources needed justified under current funding levels. It would most likely be used for the MMO and even then the trailers for it would use fake effects. Another issue with maps is wrapping, especially on the poles it gets extremely stretched and noisy

Extremely doubtful that the devs will do it and there’s a good chance it won’t be possible even with modding tools unless the devs allow for heightmap and colourmap integration.

Doesn’t the engine already support integrating height maps? At least, I think I remember reading that somewhere.

I’m not terribly worried about the technical details, I’m sure someone will figure that out in time. I’m also not asking for the devs to do it, hence the “mod” aspect.

I assure you, if the tech is moddable, someone(s) will find a way.

That’s what i’m saying - it probably won’t be able to be modable in a way to allow for a Solar System.

Also i would be highly surprised if there wasnt some form of donation funding open after the kickstarter ends which means that eventually the game will surpass the mod stretch goal even if it doesnt during the kickstarter.