Single-player sandbox

Sorry if this was answered before, but the dev access backers are going to get into the server “soon”. With that, is it possible to make us non-dev backers the ability to fly around the game ourselves without connecting to a server? Obviously we would do this at our own risk, with no support for crashes but still sending automatic bug reports on every crash. This would let non-devies just fly around by ourselves and exponentially increase the test subjects volunteers for those crash reports, specifically for all the hardware configurations.

Honestly i expect a “too much effort for something we will do later anyway because we’re too busy with critical issues at the moment” or “the game needs the server to function so it won’t work without connecting” and that’s fine of course. ^^

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You have to bear in mind that a large number of dev level backers pledged the amount they did because it was the only way to play the game this early. If they now allowed the prototype to be played by people that pledged lower amounts (even limited to single player), those that pledged more for access now might feel somewhat cheated.


That is true, tho that would hardly be called “playing” since there would be no players, NPCs, bases and objectives - it’s just “tourist” mode.

if they did so the entire value of their perks would be lost, a good seller keeps his word

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That’s a matter of opinion. Think about the people who paid the $250-$275 and all they are basically wanting to do is fly solo.


Yeah i guess you’re right.

I paid what I paid to support the project. Personally, no qualms from me, your fun in no way impacts mine.

That being said, I won’t speak for anyone else.


If memory serves, I think I read somewhere the “offline” mode will at first be with some initial connection to the server.
Something like Steam: before playing any game, you have to connect once every 1-2 months. Except this also checks if you’ve got the right pledge.

Might be wrong though.

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I’ll be the killjoy of the bunch. If I didn’t need to pay the price to basically get in earlier then everyone else, why did I bother paying the extra person worth?

Eh, I don’t think it’s being a kill joy. The tiers were very clearly stated, and there is no secret as to how they can get dev tier by upgrading now. I just feel indifferent either way :slight_smile:

That all being said, I believe (believe!) the game does not currently function without an authentication from a server, and I doubt they will go out of their way to program something for tiers unpaid.

If you did not pledge Developer Access you will not be able to play the game in any form until the tier you did pledge becomes available. Those who have pledged Developer Access will only be able to play multiplayer. The singleplayer sandbox mode may not be made available until the game ships to retail.


[quote=“INovaeKeith, post:11, topic:2206, full:true”]The singleplayer sandbox mode may not be made available until the game ships to retail.[/quote]There we go. Thank you!