Ship Sharing on Pinterest

Some of my favorite ships. Anyone else have a collection on Pinterest or another site?


what i must do. you want my respect for your collection or something more?

Just nice to share. And also see the kind of ship styles others find appealing. :slight_smile:

I like the old commercial . I 'm hide the love from others . Because others may take away my interest , he will belong be in public . When I realize that I can not give more than I can , I pay attention to what others have modeled good.

I’d do this if Pinterest wasn’t so awkward to use.

yes have but so much annoying icons for share in social media if u instal aplication for your browser from Pinterest just remove and forget him.

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Yeah, it isn’t exactly user friendly. :pensive:


Pinterest requires an account to look at anything more than thumbnail views.

I don’t want an account with them.

Therefore I despise Pinterest…


Maybe i’ll stick some ships i like up on an imgur board tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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Very cool! Wondering what ship that is crashed on the moon - from a movie?

Nah, just some concept art by Nick Gindraux.

pinterest? no thanks, it has some fullscreen blocking popups

It’s not Pinterest, but with my 3D printer up and running I’ve been downloading and looking at 3D models of spaceships.

If anyone ever makes a game (hurhur) or wishes to download some of these models and make some wallpapers, they’re really cool. Some are a bit expensive!

Turbosquid is bad and you should feel bad. :wink:

I’m always open to better options. :slight_smile:
Sketchfab’s nice, full 3D preview before download.
Official NASA 3D models… kinda crummy quality for the most-part, but from NASA.

Tons of others too if you want to do some searching around, those two have plenty of things to start you off.

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I’ve actually printed a few of NASA’s 3D models, like the Aurora 7. The site I provided isn’t necessarily for anything else but a look see. :3 Thanks for the input though!

That’s fine, I just find Turbosquid’s blatant disregard for copyright, when they’re allowing people to sell models for commercial purposes, to be exceedingly distasteful.

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Oh ho, I didn’t know that. I only browsed to get a look see. Thanks for the heads up.