Ship and space station naming reward


Is it still possible to somehow send in ship name and space station name as my pledge reward?
I totally forgot about this since KS ending.


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There was no request so far to submit the names. The naming pools are still being worked on afaik, once that is done we will probably have to fill out some form or setting on the website.



Thanks for that, thought I missed it.
Guess we’ll just wait for the request form then.

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Station McStaionface


Shippy McShipface


Playbenni is correct, we cannot contact backers manually one-by-one ( that’d be close to a thousand people ) so we’re looking at automated ways to do it.

The most likely outcome is that we’ll create a special rewards page in your account settings, where you’ll be able to select your rewards ( or enter the names you want for the naming pools ). However this hasn’t been implemented yet, we’re focusing on the game for Early Access in september, and we’ll be looking at implementing all the rewards next year.


Cool, thanks for that info!
Also tnx for answering on the KS comment board.