Server network error US West

US West is available in the server browser, but I receive the Server network error dialog when trying to connect for the past few days. US East works fine. Thanks for all the hard work with QoL updates recently, they are really nice I’m really enjoying the flying.

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Allright, thanks for the report, somebody else reported it on Discord but he gave the wrong server name so I wasn’t able to figure it out :wink: US-West-1 should be up and running now, if there are other servers with a connection issue just let me know.

As for updates, it’s slowed down recently, as we’ve encountered a number of issues related to the anti-missile system ( laser counter-measures ) implementation and it required a revamp of many in game systems. It’s almost done now, so the new patch should be coming in a few days. It’s certainly gonna be interesting :wink: