Sent PMs do not have avatars next to them

When I was running the latest wolf game I encountered a problem with private messages: In my inbox there are no avatars displayed next to any PM which I have sent. You can see the problem here:

All of the threads entitled “TWG Role” are ones I sent, each thread involves 2 people (me and the player). As you can see when I receive a message the avatar of the other person is displayed just fine (although it doesn’t display my avatar which I would expect).

Is this something that can be fixed here, or should I report a bug to discourse?


@codinghorror ^

Is this a known issue?

Had a look on meta this morning and again just now and I can’t see any mention of it.

Looks to be any PM thread that has more than one participant.

would be nice if there was a name, even, rather than just an avatar.

This should be resolved now. Was an issue months ago, but fixed!


Hello there discourse dev, you should back infinity on kickstarter :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I expect he already has as he tweeted this:

Also, it may be a good idea to phrase such a suggestion in a way that makes it less ‘you should’ and more ‘you might like to’…


Both my comment and his tweet were posted 23 hours ago. I’m not saying correlation implies causation even though I’d like to.

That’s why the " :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:" I meant it more as joke than a need

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Wait, how did I miss that tweet?!

Well, nevermind. +1 to you @codinghorror sir