Seems Like Major Bugs In EA

Surprised there’s no threads on these items at least threads that are recent. But I bought into the early access game today and after 3 hours can say there’s at least two major issues that need attention.

Key issue is the supposed “hacks” where at the start of a ‘match’ certain players seem to be able to buy top end ships while others cannot. I stayed in one server for three matches and the credits I had earned didn’t seem to carry over and I could only buy starter ships (interceptors) but after spawning I was up against corvettes and other higher end ships. WTF? Note in chat everyone commented there were hacks happening which wasn’t good to see.

Second item may be related where after logging out then back in later the credits I had supposedly earned on that server were gone. I started with the baseline. This doesn’t seem right unless I misunderstood how the game works (?)

Have any comments I-Novae? Thanks…

This was my reply on the Steam forums:

We aren’t aware of any hacks, and as I said the entire game is server authoritative. Clients get told how many credits they have by the server, not the other way around.

I’m not excluding a bug, but without knowing more details or the context, it’s hard to say. Also, for people saying “hacks” in chat, they may simply be uninformed and genuinely think there were hacks.

We’ve fixed a bunch of issues related to team switching and credits not staying persistent already. They’ll come in a server-side only patch tomorrow. There may be more bugs to fix; we entered Early access and it’s the first time our servers are hit with so many concurrent players. We need time to analyze reports and figure out what is going on, but I’m 99% sure that whatever issue it is, it is not hacks, because I do not see how it would be technically possible with a server that basically controls the entire gameplay. Even physics or projectile damage is entirely server controlled.

As I said, we’re not excluding potential bugs yet, so any information on what happened in that game is welcome. You mention the “start of matches”, which is already an interesting information. But then you mention “I no longer have many credits” which is contradictory, since credits get reset between matches, so you’re not supposed to have a lot of credits at the start of a match.

Are you sure those enemy ships weren’t NPCs ? The AI can obviously spawn capital ships much faster than players, since it generates missions and battles even 10-15’ after the start of a match. The AI capital ships doesn’t spawn at capship bays like players do; fleets warp in around the battlefield when the battle starts.

I wouldn’t be surprised if all of this was a mix of genuine bugs ( team selection was definitely bugged and non persistent, and some credits could get lost too ) and mis-understandings of the design of the game by new players ( thinking some ships are player controller instead of being AIs, and credits being reset between matches ).

I think the most simple explanation is also the most likely, which is that the game has many new players unfamiliar with it yet, and many of them thought the AI capital ships were enemy players that hacked due to being available before what players can get. However this happens on both teams / sides, your own team also gets those AI capital ships which participate to battles.

This would be a good opportunity to ask the more experienced players, backers from the pre-EA, if they noticed anything strange in game or bugs that could explain why a team would have capital ships at the game start while the opposite team cannot ?


If one team knows what they are doing they can have capital ships out within 5-10 minutes of credit farming. This could easily look like “capitals from the start” even when others are still just figuring out flying between stations and dont have a credit to their name.

Econ needs those fixes :stuck_out_tongue:


Woudln’t that appyl to both teams ? Unless veterrans all joined the same team ?

Yes it will.
But making the bigger ships more expensive or reducing the credits earned gives more time for the beginners to organise.
It also gives more time for fighter dogfights and makes the appearance of a larger fleet a more epic event.
Right now after 15 minutes it’s all destroyers and Cruisers, when it should be fighters, support and capitals.

Thanks for the replies.

Yeah two possible issues: the key one being where some players start a match with higher end ships right away - within a minute or two. Way too short for anyone to have been farming, change ships then jump into a combat area unless there is some sort of insta-farm!. The server where this occurred (US East #1 or #3) had many players at the time (>75%), and chat was full of serious replies saying this was a hack and to basically consider this as no big news. I’m the new guy here and can’t say one way or the other!

Has there been a bug like this in the past?

The other may be related, different or normal game mechanics where when a new match starts the credits are reset. Like I said in the OP perhaps I just don’t understand the game yet (there’s little to read up on!) so maybe this is normal.

@Kreion: yep noticing that as well where it’s all big guns/meta ships after about 15 minutes. And IT SEEMS like players go off and farm-up at the start then go into combat as the early battles are often poorly attended. But this is all still new to me so perhaps not.

Flavien is entirely correct, you can’t hack to get money or ships or stats.

But I know where the issue here lies, it’s the Gemini neutral station. People spawn in and can immediately spawn camp enemy team players that don’t know what kind of a place that is, in less than 5 minutes you can rack up lots of credits this way.

Neutral station has to go, it does not work in this state of the game, people exploit it or get stuck in it and confused. Also it breaks gameplay by allowing capship spawns even when all capship bays are destroyed.

Thanks for the report, if you have more details please let us know.

Credits should be reset between matches. It’s starting to sound suspiciously like there’s a bug in the credits reset mechanics, but I don’t see why it’d affect a team and not another one.

You are right, even veterans wouldn’t be able to farm credits to get capital ships a few minutes after the match started. Unless there’s an abuse somewhere, like killing your own station modules / turrets gives you some money. I’ll have to double check but I think that’s pretty unlikely to be the case.

Quick follow-up to say that credits (and remembering the team side) are ‘working’ today at least on the new US West server. Logged in, earned credits, logged out and logged back in later and the credits were still there and it also correctly remembered the side I had played on. This did not happen yesterday on the other servers.

We haven’t patched the servers yet, so that’s baffling.

I can only imagine some of these issues are server-specific. Do you remember on which servers you played when you had the persistent credits issues ?

This was my experience the veterans all joined on one side, then spawn camped bases to get credits.

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