Seamless space-to-planet flight in a (webgl) fragment shader

Hi, I am Reinder: a really long-time lurker of this forums.

Last week I made a fragment shader showing a seamless space-to-planet flight, showing asteroids, sea, and terrain. You can view the shader (and the code!) online here:

You need a really good graphics card and start chrome without angle (or use a mac) to run the full shader. The shader is really heavy because it is executed each frame for each pixel. No state, textures or models are used. Everything is procedural created (for each frame, each pixel) by the shader.

I have also rendered a short movie of this shader, which you can find here:


:o that looks amazing!

Beautiful, but sorry I have to ask, it’s April 1st, is this a joke?

And more importantly, how long did this take you?

Found the goat.

Thank! It took me about one week to make this (in my free time), but I have used a lot of shaders that already existed on shadertoy.

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Yeah, I checked your code, you used a few good methods from other people, I might even borrow some of them. :slight_smile: