Screenshot Portal

Hey, I hope you hit back with a good screenshot portal, at least with sections associated to various blog posts, topics or Twitter periods! It’s no fun to scramble around Twitter and various Blogspots to access your pictures. I hope I’ve made myself clear: I don’t mean just your best representative pictures, but also your work-in-progress and old stuff! Associative labels will do the job.


Discourse smileys suck :stuck_out_tongue:

You can see all the infinity screenshot from here:



It’d still be a good idea to have an official gallery, if for no other reason than to help I-Novae look more professional. Not only that, but it also makes it more likely for searches to lead to THIS site, since everything would be centralized.

Infinity-game is an unofficial fan-site and it’s not even completely up to date (there is a whole slew of images that have been released that are missing).

I think it’s completely up to date already… Each folder contains all screenshots released that year.

Really? Let me check again…

Nope, still not up to date.

Otherwise it would have, say, this one:

or any of the other half-dozen official in-engine renders and screenshots on this thread:

or the multitude of official in-progress renders of this ship:

Heck, the concept art alone that’s been released could bulk the 2013 section of that gallery to at least half again its current size.

There is a TON of media out there, officially released by the devs, that’s missing from that gallery. It’s not up to date. I doubt that there’s anything in that gallery that hadn’t already been released before the old site got hacked. Some can be excused; after all, some of it is only days old. But there’s stuff that’s been out for over a month that’s missing from that gallery

It’s not up to date and it’s obviously not maintained. Either there’s no one maintaining it, or the person who’s job it is to do so is either not paying attention, or is completely ignorant of the existence of this site in the first place (and, thus, the incompleteness of the gallery), despite it being around since at least October.

Problems that would not exist were there an official, dev-run gallery.

The official gallery was sort of released 2 weeks ago here. It’s still under construction.


I’m in maintaining the website, just updated.

Those rendered models are not from the in game screenshot… So they’re not included. :smile:

BTW, why there’s a ring on these pics:

It must be refraction through the atmospheres.
Seems a bit too much refraction/not enough attenuation?

Guys, those are planets – look at where the sun is, it is illuminating them from the other side so only a small band of daylight can be seen in those screenshots.

Well obviously they are planets/moons, hence I said ‘atmospheres’. The question is the amount of refraction that’s occurring.

If the star was large or near enough, wouldn’t it light up significantly more than half a planet? Could create this effect, too.

Yes. The larger planet is indeed a gas giant, so the image I’ve posted below is a good comparison.

I’m not understanding the “question” you’re bringing up… Is this a matter of your opinion on what the light shining through that atmo “should” look like? If it’s not just your opinion, do you have some information to share with us on why it looks “wrong”?

Yeah just my feeling. I’m sure it’s all physically accurate etc. Just looks a bit wonky to me.

For the sun to not be occluded behind the planet it must be below the horizon, in which case the shadow & reflection on the water seem a bit excessive.

Well, apparently (source) it’s possible to calculate an exoplanet’s mass by exactly how sunshine passes through it’s atmosphere seen from lightyears away, so I’d say there’s probably a certain variation in what planets look like from ‘behind’.

The sun and BG stars have not been added back into the engine yet.

Awe. You brainy lads always questioning the engine’s physical accuracy. :smiley: