Screen freezes, TrackIR, lights issues

Here are some bugs I found since Patch :
- Every few minutes in game, the screen freezes for at least 10 seconds.
- When changing input in Key binds or when deleting an input, the whole page goes to the top.
- When setting TrackIr following your tutorial, everything works fine except for deadzones that are still there. To reproduce : before joining a server, change whatever in Options > Key binds.
- When turning your head at some angles, lights in cockpit becomes too bright (not realistic).
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My system : Windows 7 64 bits, GeForce GTX 970 (4GB VRAM)


I am also experiencing the deadzone issue with TrackIR. I think it might be an in-game deadzone for the virtual joystick TrackIR uses. I vaguely remember seeing a way to change deadzones in game but I will have to look again when I can.

For the first issue, the problem is FreePie using too much resources causing my computer to freeze when attacking enemies. My computer has 16 GB RAM and Intel Core i5 3.5 GHz (2x)

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