Rough draft #2 of our Kickstarter reward tiers

The first 5 points are way cheaper than what I would be willing to pay, thats why they are probably spot on.
20$ for the finished game is the sweet spot to attracted non-enthusiasts. I’m willing to spend that money on games even if they have only a small chance of beeing great. I’ probably going with 6. or 9 depending on what I see in the KS video :wink:

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Love everything here!

Really looking forward to mah BOBBLE HEADS!!!

Yep, both of them.

One suggestion… How about a bearded versions of both thrown into the $10,000 tier? :laughing:
Just kidding. :wink:


A question I’ve had for a long time:

Will there be any other way to donate apart from kickstarter?
Kickstarter still doesn’t support Paypal, and I don’t have a credit card.

Btw, hi everybody.
I’m Sean, and this is my first post to this forum, but I have been watching Infinity since about 2007,
and have played alot of the Combat Prototype, wich I enjoyed very much!


A donate button alongside or after the Kickstarter would be ideal, I see no need to ever end people’s ability to pledge/donate.

It worked great for Star Citizen.


We had debated making a special tier for access to mod tools etc, I don’t think it’s unfair to say they should be included in the existing developers reward tier, however we decided not to explicitly mention their inclusion because our primary focus will be on building and shipping the game. We do not want to get caught in a situation where the quality of the game suffers because we promised we’d deliver mod tools in a pledge tier. Modding is a (very important) stretch goal, not a guarantee, and the same is applicable to our mod tools/SDK.


You’re welcome.

Also it seems they want me to pay $2.5k. I got you bro.

God damn it. Now I have to spend at least $75 on this Kickstarter. Oh well, luckily I really like noodles.

Realistically I’d probably have ended up going for the developer tier regardless, but I can’t believe any true forumite could pass on at least the googly eyed asteroid. Especially not at the price. I’m a firm believer in cheaper being better for all but the Whale tiers on Kickstarters.

Oh, btw, my $.02 (or rather, my $250): Expand the developer tier to “daily builds of the game and related software”? That way, if mod tools happen, they’re included. If not, they’re not. If the MMO happens, an argument could be made for developer access to I:B carrying over.


It’s enough to just mention that Developer Tier will get mod tools or access to the engine AS-IS, somewhere on the KS page. These days the indie scene is pretty large and a lot of them will get a hard-on for a opportunity to get their hands on INE.

For instance, I could probably justify taking $250 out of my “indie” cybercritics budget for an opportunity to do something with INE, however I can not pay $250 out of my gaming budget for a pre-alpha. You probably should make clear what the exact access to INE will be and that you do not intent to be supporting the tools released.


Mod tools/SDK will show up in our highest stretch goal. However we can’t promise to deliver those in any pledge tiers, as we are obligated to deliver everything we put in writing no matter the funding level reached.

Also, if enough funding is reached, the mod tools/SDK would be available to all after launch of the game, not just to certain backers. There will be no access to those tools during I:B development, so there is no “early access” to the tools for anyone (this is my understanding as well as opinion).

The developer access in the pledge tier refers to the playable demo, those backers will start playing the game, no matter what state it is in, the same time the devs start playing (A couple months after the KS ends). This access to the game is 8-12 months before any alpha testers would get access. There would also be a special forums for those backers and they would have a direct line of communication/feedback to the developers while playing the game with us.

Bottom line, developer access does not mean you get the engine/tools while we are developing I:B, it means you get very early access to the development of the game, where you can play with the devs and give direct feedback via a special forum.

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We can probably change the wording as @Runiat suggested to let a backer now that if such tools become available they’ll have immediate access to them.


I thought that modding would be an integral part of IBS, with all that talk of a modding marketplace I would have thought that modding would be your first stretch goal. If you do plan for the marketplace to be one of the core strategic features of INS, simple reasoning should point to it being included as soon as possible, maybe even in the core game. What happens to INS dreams of selling mods and skins if you never reach the highest stretch goal?

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This has been brought up a few times. I think it would be beneficial to put it in. Not everyone can always get their friends to go through the trouble to sign up and donate, but perhaps they’d be more likely to just pay their friend and let them put in for a 2 or 4 pack, etc.

$20/$40/$80 = 1 / 2 / 4 copies of the game. Just let the person who pledged be able to pass out the game keys and/or designate their friends.

Depending on how its arranged, you may have to say something other than “Includes all of the above…” in subsequent tiers.

I assume this means we would own both, but only get to display one at a time? (The reward tiers make it sound like we get would get both at the higher pledge). Though I really wanted to see my space whale use the googly-eyed guy as a heat rock :wink:

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We agree that modding is critical to the longevity of the game. It definitely will be a company goal whether specifically KS funded or not. So the point at which modding/SDK are released depends on the funding level. If it gets funded via the stretch goal, then it gets released with the game, if not, it will be some time after launch when it becomes available.

Either scenario, the engine tools will likely not be available during I:B development, meaning people will not get to play with the engine/tools before we launch the game.


“The best laid schemes of mice and men / Often go awry.” :wink:


I have a question: Is it planned to be able to change your pilots name? Or will each account only have 1 pilot/1 name?

Or can I change my callsign from Skyentist, to Sky, to GooglyRoid, to SpaceWhaleSlayer, etc depending on who I feel like being that day?


We haven’t made a final decision on that yet. I suspect it will depend on how we decide to handle stat tracking and if there are restrictions they’ll likely only pertain to “authenticated” servers (aka servers that participate in official stat tracking).


I have no interest in any sort of rewards other than access to the game. So it looks to be the 40$ tier for me, or perhaps the 75$. Have yet to make my decision, will just have to wait how excited the Kickstarter video makes me.


Good enough for me, I don’t mind either way…I just needed to know if I should start thinking of many nicknames for alter egos or if I needed to resign myself to just one.


Maybe I’m just extrapolating from too small a data set, but it seems to me that there may be a decent market for cockpit accessories. Fuzzy planets (and why mess with a classic – fuzzy dice), air fresheners, some sort of faux rosary, etc on the rear view mirror (or, hell, rear view mirrors), bobble heads, bumper sticker decals for the “glove box”.

I’d throw down a few bucks.

Also, not that I have $500 right now, but I’m still not seeing anything compelling at the $500 level to get me to cough up the extra $250 over developer access. I mean, I’m a bit ridiculous with my fandoms, so I haven’t written out the possibility, but exclusive shiny pew-pew beams just aren’t scratching an itch, especially if I’ll have the option to customize my pew-pews to my taste for less than $250 from the mod store. Or by creating my own.


Mods will only be available on servers that are using them so for you to buy a shiny pew pew mod the server will have to be using it along with everyone else who’s on it. Our $250 reward tear will put your shiny pew pews on every server.