Rogue System: The DCS of space sims

I just realised there aren’t any threads I could find on this game so I’m gonna start this one here :smiley:

After switching to a small publisher for funding after an unsuccessful KS campaign, Michael Juliano is almost ready to release this game into an alpha testing phase in the next month or so. So far it’s looking really great.

For those who don’t know, Rogue System is a space sim with the control and systems fidelity of DCS but set in the not too distant future. I don’t know if I:B will reach this kind of complexity, but what I do like about it is the sense that you have a more tactile connection with your ship instead of it just being a fancy static hitbox around the pilot.

Maybe he might even consider using the Inovae Engine for his future planetary landings :smiley:

You can read his dev journal posts here:


At the risk of sounding like a troglodyte, what’s DCS?

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Hardcore flight sim.

@selbie, you’re the person who used to help maintain the Jumpgate Evolution Wikia page, right? I’ll end up feeling really let down if you weren’t.

Yes, sorry its Digital Combat Simulator as Cinder pointed out :smile:

That’s me indeed :slight_smile: Sucks it got abandoned for obvious reasons, but there’s now a glut of great games to replace it. Even the original Jumpgate was resurrected. Are you a member over at the forums?

Cool man! I remember that name from the JGE wikia days back in '10. We had a few email exchanges regarding the game : )

I haven’t ever heard of it.

Did you go by another handle back then? Was it Aeon?

Scary how long ago that all was :stuck_out_tongue:

I went by the same name as I did with my original Infinity account. Beyond&Back was my name except I went by BeyondandBack on the Infinity forums because the sign wasn’t allowed.

Still waiting patiently for @INovaeKeith to give word that legacy accounts have been updated so that I can get back my original join date.

Just wanted to update anyone who hasn’t seen it yet:

Dev Entry — 11 JUNE, 2015
While the media announcements will happen tomorrow, I’m very pleased to say that Rogue System, eAccess Version is now available for purchase. In fact, “pleased” is not a strong enough word; and I’m honestly at a loss for what is. I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has offered me a word of encouragement or support in the past–you all definitely helped me to push through the hard times to get RogSys to where it is today.

As for this initial eAccess version: While content is currently minimal at best, it is based now on a foundation that allows me to confidently start layering on the true gameplay that will make up the bulk of Rogue System’s Core Module. As I’ve often said, I feel it’s very important to get it in players hands early, giving you all the chance to offer ideas and suggestions, catch mistakes and bugs; and all at a stage in development when there is time to act on the feedback. Beyond that, but no less important, the financial support early-access will provide will allow me to expand the RogSys development team.

Hiring talented people to help create the assets that will drive Rogue System, and getting them working as soon as possible, will give it the best possible chance of success. Thus, out of necessity, early-access needs to begin. If you’ve been following here for a while then you know all this already.

I really don’t have much else to say at the moment–I’m pretty speechless really. On a personal note, THANK YOU ALL so much for sticking with me for all this time, supporting me, offering ideas. Thanks….

Purchase Page:

ISI Rogue System Product Forum (where all bugs, etc, should be reported):

Price tiers are: $10, $30, $60, $150 and $300 USD

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Rogue System will be coming to Steam EA in a few days. Existing backers on the Core Module or above will be receiving their keys as soon as ISI gets it sorted out.

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