Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

For the first time, I’m actually thinking this will be worth the price of a cinema ticket (and I’m a huge Star Wars fan). I know trailers don’t always give an accurate picture of what the film will be like, but it certainly looks more promising than before!

As my dad put it, it looks like “real” Star Wars (an era we’re all familiar with) but with a grittier, chewier spin on it. Yet there is a still a hint of Grand Space Opera that is what Star Wars should be about.

Anyone else now excited by this?


Yes. Gary Whitta wrote the story for it (Book of Eli) and he’s a huge fan of the originals. I’m excited to see a less Jedi-focused story.

Absolutely excited! Last one was a big let down, this does look promising. :+1::grin:


This movie is a scam.


Yes, it’s going to be nice to move away from the Jedi and see some more normal people, but I’m also glad they are still closely linked to major events in the classic era. Original X-Wings, Death Star, stormtroopers and Darth Vader all wrapped up in what looks like a central story between a father and daughter.

Big :+1: if it delivers. Can’t beat a bit of spectacle either…!

I’m really looking forward to this movie. Might be the best thing since the original triology.

The 3 new was awesome too, to me.

I like the looks of it so far, but I’m a little pissed that Disney have thrown out all of the EU stuff. This should be a story about Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors.

But double :thumbsup: for two female British leads in the first two new films. I’ve always known the Star Wars franchise to like casting in the UK (they studio shoot in the UK, so there’s a convenience factor), but giving so many lead roles is a bit of a surprise.

Indeed! And also that it avoids the Empire’s previous epidemic of Stiff Upper Lip syndrome in all its members! Now we have mixed accents left, right and centre. :astonished:

It’s Star Wars. I’ll be there on December the 16th. :grin:

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Mind to develop your instincts or arguments ? :slight_smile:

If anything, I’m definitely sure the Star Wars films are always worth the cinema ticket.
I sincerely hope however that this film will go beyond the classic scenario of “yet again another story of a super mass destruction weapon called death star”. And avoid some of the scenaritic plot holes that are unfortunately so common in all AAA film productions.

Oh well, at least we’re sure this death star won’t exploed at the end :stuck_out_tongue:


I was about to say… it’s definitely going to have the Death Star in it. It’s just… not going anywhere this time.

EDIT: They definitely need a Death Star canteen scene though


Cake or Death I wonder…

Death… Wait, wait, no I meant cake, I meant cake.


Yeah, was hoping the last movie wouldn’t have Death Star (Death planet?) scenario - getting really old.

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I dunno, I’ve got over that now. It’s self-aware about the familiar storyline and helped smooth the reboot (as long as they now move away from familiar plots).

But Rogue One definitely looks interesting given that we kind of know how it ends already - with the plans in the hands of Princess Leia who flees to some backwater planet!