Rodina (thoughts?)

I’m really trying to stay away from advertising at any point, but general discussion - has anyone seen or heard of Rodina? Indie space game that releases next month.

Thoughts and opinions of it?

IMO, it looks fairly exciting though not expecting anything ground breaking (Infinity, is ground breaking) but it’s nice to see the space genre REALLY expand. I would say that’s it’s nice to see the space genre revived, but I feel like the real progress is made in the games that are revolutionising the genre.

I’ve followed it on and off. The virtual computers and hacking thereof is interesting (and for the record, this guy had come up with the idea long before notch came up with, and gave up on, 0x10c), but not enough to get me to play.

Release date for Rodina has been announced for the 13th of December!
Very Exciting times!

I found Rodina quite fun but was not amazed by the combat. The exploration aspect was fun though and remember landing on this ice planet with truly huge crevasses. Getting out, looking up and then attempting to climb to the top on foot really showed the scale of things.