Rodina - Something to learn from?

Some context: I’ve been looking at the infinity universe project for some time, on and off for years, and I’m getting more and more worried about how ambitious this project is being…

Meanwhile, Rodina is having a release of sorts soon, and it looks a lot like the developer(s?) have opted for something that looks like an alpha test, or a seed of the project they have in mind.

It’s graphical assets are bare minimum, it’s sounds seem so too, and it only covers a single solar system, but it’s very comparable to this project, and the worry comes to mind after watching it’s release video:

Is infinity universe aiming too high for a release?

Is a galaxy from the start too much? Is this kind of graphical detail really needed? Is always-online MMOG style gameplay really important for an alpha or early release?

Is Rodina cultivating a fan and customer community, while Infinity has nothing past a forum for people to sink into?

You missed some new information as it seems.

I-Novae studios is aiming to launch a kickstarter campaign by March 2014 … but not for Infinity the MMO.

They plan developing Infinity:Battlescape. A online multiplayer game focused on combat.
Definitive features include:

  • Full size solar system
  • Star wars esque fight with several dozens of
    players (above 64)
  • Some kind of factory building

Stretch goals MAY be:

  • Mod support
  • More (different) ships
  • Deeper economy
  • Mining

If they hit Star Citizen like funding (over 6 Million or so) they will disregard the stretchgoals and go for the MMO as soon as Battlescape is shipped.

All this information may contain errors. Ask more people or research the forum for post by the devteam for confirmation.

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IIRC, the last bit does contain an error. Regardless of how many millions they may draw, they intend to release I:B. If they do rise over 6 millions, what isn’t used for I:B will probably be used for the MMO, but I:B will still be their first priority.

The reasons for that are that, first, they need to first “get the hang” at developing games before going for such a vast project than Infinity MMO. Similarly, showing a (lesser) project successfully done will help them rise funds from investors outside of crowdfunding And most of what will be in I:B, stretch goals included, will be reused in the MMO, so work in I:B is pretty much work for the MMO as well.
And the mod tools stretch goal may help them find talented artists, as well as helping them a development kit (think UDK) for those who want to use the engine without buying a full licence with source code and all.

All this information may also contain error, fell free to correct me then.

Oh cool, OK then, that clears it up a bit, thanks :slight_smile:

Pretty glad they decided to be more careful and bite off a smaller chunk then :3

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