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That requires a day launch, which this wasn’t, unfortunately.


Musk said they were hoping to piece together some video from the stage and telemetry data…they might release something but it’ll probably be difficult to see what happened.


Here’s how the barge looks after the almost successful landing attempt:


Note the tarp covered debris from the rocket and the scorch marks where it came down. Failure was loss of grid fins due to too little hydraulic fuel, next launch in 2 weeks however already has 50% more, so chances should be a good bit higher.

Relevant tweets:

See you then!


Thanks for the update!


And we got even more: Elon Musk tweeted images of the crash hard landing, here they are:

EDIT: Argh, I can’t see the album in my browser, but it is there in Firefox… gosh darn it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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There’s also a short video of it lithobraking on the boat in that article.

That is awesome!!


Yes, that’s all over the web today. I don’t know about other people, but I only get sound on the video when i watch it through Vine. The audio definitely adds to the effect.

I thought the stills showed the stage coming straight down, but canted at a 45 degree angle. The actual crash is much more dramatic than that.


I think the 1st speed shown in that video is faster than reality. 2nd speed is consistent with most versions of the video.

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Sooooooooooo I found this more accurate video of the landing…


I don’t usually yell “holy crap!” when watching a vine, but this time it happened. I remember that tweet from elon musk when he said it was dark and they couldn’t see much, and was expecting to see pretty much nothing. THAT is certainly not nothing.

It looks like it was about to miss the target a bit so the rocket over corrected and just threw itself on the barge, hitting it sideways. Just… awesome. :smile:

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Hey guys! SpaceX just released this video showcasing the Falcon Heavy…I was pretty speechless when I watched it. It’s too badass for words.


So awesome!

On that note, there will be another launch on the 8th of febuary. (pushed back from the 29th of Jan)

They’ll attempt to land on their drone ship again, this time with 50% added fluid for the grid fin hydraulics. (too little hydraulic fluid is why the last attempt failed)

Re-usablity will be a big thing if they get it working properly.


Tremendous video. I started out planning to write “That’s just Elon playing with KSP” - until the boosters began their synchronized dance to return to the launch site. Once SpaceX starts landing their boosters, the science fiction I’ve waited 40 years to see will have begun. Neither Apollo nor the Shuttle nor the International Space Station ever got me this excited.

My only two dings:

  1. The aeroshell gets discarded, same as ever. I hate seeing anything getting dumped into space, no matter how light. Especially if it breaks up into lots of pieces.

  2. The anticlimax of the satellite release. All that, and what do we get? A data relay or camera flung into orbit. As science fiction goes, it’s not much. We need to make science fiction class progress on our payloads as well.


Well one way to reuse the fairings would be to attach them onto the second stage and give them the ability to open at close at will…however then you’re stuck with the problem of reusing the second stage…until they can recover the second stage I wouldn’t be worried about fairings :smiley:


No need to worry about them Fairings :wink:


Payload Fairing
The Payload Fairing is positioned on top of the stacked vehicle and its integrated spacecraft. It protects the vehicle against aerodynamic, thermal and acoustic environments that the launcher experiences during atmospheric flight. When the launcher has left the atmosphere, the fairing is jettisoned. The fairing then falls back to Earth. Separating the fairing as early as possible increases ascent performance. Falcon 9’s standard Fairing is 13.9 meters in length and 5.2 meters in diameter. Up to three spacecraft access doors or Radio Frequencies can be supported by the fairing. SpaceX also offers custom fairing design to accommodate a variety of payloads and customers.”

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So in preparation for the next attempt (soon!), they’ve named the drone ship:



So this is happening soon…

America’s next gen crewed spacecraft is almost ready for a test flight. Pad abort vehicle shipping to FL shortly.

— SpaceX (@SpaceX) February 2, 2015


Well, Sunday is going to be a great fricking day since they’re attempting it again and Walking Dead is back. If they land it, I’ll probably not even be caring about TWD because I’ll be so excited for the launch.

Also got tickets to see Andras Schiff, my favorite living concert pianist today.

So, things are going well. Lol.


Hey guys!! Launch is in ~~~30 minutes…forgot to update earlier…here’s the link to the live stream!

They will attempt the first stage landing again, but the odds are still 50/50. The stage will not undergo a boostback maneuver this launch due to the trajectory and necessity of sending DISCOVR out of the Earth System…It will reenter at 2x the dynamic pressure and with 4x the heating.

edit: fixed pressure numbers

Edit: Roughly 20 minutes until launch. Weather looks good…only thing that could delay would be something on the rocket side not passing pre-flight tests

Edit2: Here’s the spacex webcast I like it better because they’re playing ksp music currently…Although the Nasa webcast is giving info updates…The spacex stream should go live soon™

Edit3: SpaceX stream is now live. T-13 minutes

Edit4: There appears to be an avionics instrument artifact at T-10. If it’s not resolved by T-2 minutes they will scrub the launch and attempt again tomorrow at roughly the same time. 6:00 est

Edit5: Scrubbed :frowning: Launch will be tomorrow at ~6:00 est.

I’ll be in class so I won’t be able to as on top of updates tomorrow but I’ll be watching!

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