Roccat Tyon Released

As you maaaaay have noticed, I’m a little of a Roccat buff.

Roccat recently came out with a new gaming mouse that I thought was really sweet.

Normally I wouldn’t have said anything, but this mouse has something I have never seen on any peripheral other than a joystick: a throttle. I have no idea if the throttle has a trim feature or not, but I would imagine so.

See for yourself:

One thing I didn’t like was the light. Waste of resources there.

ahahaahah couldnt stop laughting at how absurd it sounds XD

It does seem like a decent mount but ill stick to my G600

Sure sounds like an adventure to use. I’d love to try it and see if i can use all those extra interesting button/switch placements to my advantage. Cant see myself buying it just to check though.

Roccat has brilliant driver support. The program lets you change literally every possible aspect. Every button (except the click/right click) can be changed for a keyboard key, macro, whatever. The Easy-shift key basically doubles the amount of keys on the mouse, allowing you to assign two functions to a single button.

Yes, Roccat has always had that grating electronic voice in their ads. It’s the Roccat way. :smile:

Roccat is also famous for their lights. Lights…

Same. Although it was more of a disapproving frown than a laugh.
Looks good though. I’ll see how reviews go.

Current mouse: G400s

Where can you find good mouse reviews? (not just unboxing videos)

You can check these out, hope it helps. - The most exhaustive on this list. - Covers lots of stuff, not just mice. Not exhaustive. - They issue a free magazine every month (print+pdf). They cover at least one mouse, plus have a ton of other stuff. I can’t seem to find any of their reviews online, though., however all of their mags are available via pdf. Of course there’s the Tom’s Guide.

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