Regular monthly blog updates?

I believe that I-novae should have monthly blog posts, documenting the development of models, the game, and the engine. This isn’t really necessary right now, but when the kickstarter launches and a flood of fans comes in, you probably need to. At that point you would be developing the game anyway. Maybe a system of blog post every month, short video every few months. Limit Theory has a system of one dev video every month.

I’d expect that to get in the way of developing the game. /shrugs

No way. Back a few years, Overgrowth would do a weekly two minute update vid. That meant a new version every week too. Pretty impressive for a three man team. Though Overgrowth is a bunny combat simulator whereas this is a space sim, so, I can compare it to limit theory, which releases a 15 min vid every month detailing the development. I’m sure most people would rather get devlog videos rather than another planet video.

I thought you wanted ships,planets and such but I’m happy with them typing, Ether way I’m easy, ask Terry.

I’d rather have the devs concentrated on getting us a real nice Kickstarter video (“aux petits oignons” as we say here) rather than wasting time on devlogs that don’t give us that much insight and are more orientated for alphas / betas.

As for regular written updates, however, it is a must of course. It seems already in place through twitter … but not everybody goes there, so hopefully the main site should be redesigned / updated whenever possible I guess.

Just throwing my two cents :slight_smile:

I’m not fussed, to be honest.

In theory, anything that delays preparations for the KS is a “Bad Thing”, but it’d also be nice to know what exactly INS are up to.

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We are all working a lot of hours, personally putting a blog together at this point would distract from our tasks which we have a lot of. Hope we can get some new viewable content out real soon for you to enjoy, and your continued patience and support is appreciated. You all as a community rock, I don’t think we’ve mentioned that enough.


I just wanted to show how Parkitect makes their Blog updates really lively (and lovely) with Gifs

pfft, should use APNGs instead :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t need any updates right now. I know Inovae is working hard currently(example is Andre) and shouldn’t waste their time on them telling us they just spent another day “writing code” when they could be working on it still.

However, that being said once(assuming) the kickstarter is funded and development on battlescape itself starts full scale a little weekly or monthly update would be nice. For example, in KSP they have devnote tuesdays where the devs write just a few sentences of what they’ve been working on. It doesn’t have to be long or in depth but just a “Just finished some new reentry effects, these look awesome!” or “You won’t believe how cool the missile effects are, the art team is spectactular” Or “working on tweaking whatever” etc etc.

A few sentences that wouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes to write so it’s not anything that would take a whole day of coding that instead has to go into writing a blog.

Anywho, that’s just my opinion

Or even just a sentence a week. Anything will work. Just as long they let us know they are still alive!

No need for that then. Just install heart rate monitors. You’ll soon know if one of them keels over


That’s a stretch goal for physical rewards that I can get behind.

Heart rate monitors and ankle bracelets for all the devs! They will provide real time information when they are sleeping, coding, frustrated and…other things. they don’t even have to take the time to stop living their life to tell us what’s happening either. It’s a win win for everyone


50 million KS Stretch Goal: The Devs wear health monitors which are displayed online to warn backers if the devs are overworking and are on the verge of karoshi.


Agreed, we know they don’t want to reveal too much since the kickstarter and its associated videao will be off soon.
Once this is done, regular updates will be a must to keep people interested and gather some extra pledges.

Go team INS ! Wait, that’s in another storyline …

Yay ! And heart pressure too :smiley:

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In that case we would have needed those years ago.


Well now you have a perfect excuse to stay on top of your health and please your backers!

I-Novae are second only to Outerra in terms of total lack of development info from all the projects I follow. I gave up caring about this [the lack of information on current development] around 2011ish.

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Yet you’re still here, on an internet forum, to tell us you don’t care.

Excuse me if I find it difficult to believe that statement

It more sounds like that Naiba accepted the fact that I-Novae is on the silent side and stopped arguing against it.

This isn’t at all in conflict with haging out on this forum, following the project or sharing his approach to the amount of updates I-Novae puts out.

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