Reddit AMA - Postponed until After KS Campaign

I’ll be doing an AMA on /r/IAmA today at 2pm EST! It’s live:


Nice, but what I was alluding to in the other thread is an actual thread on reddit to let them know.

That doesn’t seem to be necessary unless you’re a celebrity


Wouldn’t that mean the only ones who really know about it are the Infinity community and anyone who stumbles across it while it’s happening?

Yes though the only people who saw our post on /r/gaming were those who stumbled upon it and we received a significant bump from it. Reddit has a lot of traffic.

That’s fair, and to be honest I don’t actually know how long the AMA lasts, I just hope enough people find it while it’s happening to be able to ask genuine questions.

Flavien or anyone else from the team could do another one next week. Or even trough weekdays. It’s strange but for some reason, weekdays AMA are much stronger.

If youre posting a kickstarter update soon, add that youre doing the AMA. A lot of backers probably have questions and it would also increase the AMAs visibility to non-backers.

On weekdays, people are sitting at computers. They’re supposed to be working, but everyone takes breaks.

On weekends, they’re untethered and can do whatever they want. They’ve already read reddit all week during their breaks, so on the weekend, they go and do stuff they enjoy. Quite possibly just computer gaming, but that’s not reading reddit.

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I can’t do it on weekdays cuz I have to work. Update posted.

I was curious, and I wasn’t sure if it was really relevant for the AMA, but are your employers generally aware of this endeavour or do you more or less keep it on the down low?

@INovaeKeith remind Flavien to talk in much greater detail about that one comment he made on the KS about ‘Bespin style floating factories in the cloud layers of gas giants’. This is great stuff to talk about. How you get down to them, can you dock, what effects will be felt by the ship/s (various), what will we see and experience as a player. What the combat will be like in-between these cloud layers. Will there be storms there.

This stuff is dynamite to talk about with space game fans. I know I want to hear a lot more @INovaeFlavien

have fun today guys :smile:


It’s not any of our business.


Everyone get ready to mob over to reddit and drive the AMA to the top. Just a few minutes now…

I’ve been waiting for 3 whole minutes and still no ama!

what’s the url

It isn’t up yet.

Yes it is:


Its up!

why is the text deleted??