Realistic(!) space warfare game - Children of a Dead Earth

I pretty much never care about greenlighting games (maybe I should?) but come on, those spacecrafts have glowing radiators!

Their goal is to make a realistic combat simulator based only on a realistic solar system, realistic orbital mechanics and only known technologies - not speculative but actually studied ones.
Anyone even remotely interested in hard-SF should check it out.

Also, here is their blog, where they talk about scientific accuracy in the game and why stuff looks like it does:


Funny enough I just looked at this on greenlight, but don’t fancy it.

Looked at this one as well:


Also, there is Stardrop (kickstarter) - a narrative-driven Sci-Fi action adventure.

Want to discover other in-development space and Sci-Fi games (some released now). Then checkout my long running thread here:

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Wow someone is actually doing it! Amazing.

I’ll buy it for sure.

I just read the description and looked at the screenshots…

I really want this now.

Put simply…all of it.


Want to discover other in-development space and Sci-Fi games (some released now). Then checkout my long running thread here:

Jonny’s 2016 TOP list of in-development Space Sci-Fi Games - CIG forums

also, a short little Sci-Fi experience: Orion: A Sci-Fi Visual Novel

That looks really interesting. Good to see someone attempting to simulate “real” spaceship battles.

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Here are a few videos from the alpha.
Note that the red and orange “beams” are projectiles, not lasers. Lasers are occasional green or violet flashes.

timelapse of a (particularly hard) mission

Edit of scenes from sandbox mode


I’m sorry but that comment is kind of snobbish, it’s one thing if you said I don’t care about Early Access games, but discriminating against Greenlight games when that’s basically the only way for a small developer to get their game on Steam is not right. Greenlight games are usually of lower quality than ‘normal’ games, but that’s because they are made by people that can’t afford the marketing needed to get their games sold on Steam and work on shoestring budgets, also Greenlight is basically the place for novel ideas, raw novel ideas.

Sorry, I didn’t mean it like that (I don’t care about greenlighting instead of I don’t care for greenlighting).
It would have been more exact to write that I don’t pay attention to Greenlight. I did at some point when it started, but the combination of overload and not seeing anything that really grabbed my interest, I just stopped. But I have nothing against the system itself. Assuming it is properly managed by Valve (and AFAICT it seems to be), there are fortunately enough people investing time in it to actually make it work.
But this one here, unexpectedly, did grab my interest and ran with it at full speed.

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(Windows and Mac, with a Linux version planned afterwards)

I know what I’m doing this week-end…

Also reminder, the blog is full of very interesting things for any hard-SF fan, including what he and the beta-testers discovered as for what works and what doesn’t.


Been looking forward to it for a while now. Hope it doesn’t disappoint :slight_smile:

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Decided to make this run on the ‘Vesta Overkill’ mission with a fleet of cheap and cheerful laser ships. I’m still experimenting with different combat styles.

My losses:
6 ships
204 souls
58,800,000 credits
10,800 metric tons

Enemy losses:
4 ships
237 souls
591,000,000 credits
72,300 metric tons

Building large fleets of small ships is costly in terms of personnel, but life is apparently quite cheap according to the game’s lore.

Battle from 3:32

There’s still a few bugs scattered around, and hunting down those last few missiles is an exercise in frustration; But messing around with different fleet compositions in realistic space combat was well worth the money. :slight_smile:

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I am going to need a few space sims to balance out all the Dues Ex series I’m playing.

Oh boy me too i dont wanna be a white crow.

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