Ready to Pledge

Who else is ready to pledge?

I’ve put some money to the side, and am checking pack daily to see if any news regarding the Kickstarter has gone up :stuck_out_tongue: Should hopefully be in the next Month or so! I’m trying to be one of the first backers!


I’ve hung a net full of 10 CHF bills above my monitor ready to rain over my screen as soon as the Kickstarter is loaded into the browser …

Who am I kidding, who is using Cash nowadays?

Been ready for months.


Just as soon as my next contract starts. A big chunk of my first paycheque is reserved for the Kickstarter.


I’ve been ready since 2007 ;D

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since 2005 here

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My body is always ready…

Wait, what?


…there your body goes again, writing checks I-Novae can’t cash (legally).


Since I’ll be only pledging a “sane” amount, I’ve had the money ready for quite some time already. The way you guys make it sound you’re all going to be pledging a good bit more than me! :smiley:

This is me being ready:

Since 2008.


I’ve been ready since 07 :smiley: I:BS will have a nice little bit from me. Probably whatever alpha tier will cost(unless it’s too low)

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inovae plis deliver vid plis…


I’m sure Inovae will release the video when they haven’t finished. I for one know that I would prefer a kickass video that not only hypes me up but everyone else that they need to convince for the kickstarter. Practice a little patience, I suspect it will be well worth it in Inovae’s case. Besides, asking them to release it won’t magically make them finish it faster.



Oh @Xamino, you’re no fun! :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ll Im saving so I can go for a higher tier. I don’t want the goodies just the game to fund so maybe I’ll just get several low tiers instead and gift the copies to friends… hmm.

@InovaeKeith: Please make a tier with several copies!

This is actually something we are hoping to support. We want you to be able to gift the game and we also want to support upgrading your pledge tier at a later date. I’m not sure how much of that is supported by Kickstarter itself so it’s possible that some of those things may only be available after the Kickstarter. Lastly the cheapest you can get Battlescape for will be during the Kickstarter. We will be slowly increasing the price of all pledge tiers until the game ships to retail at which point it will be at its final retail price.

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Take your pick! Play Battlescape in Q3 of 2014 or wait to have a basic but well planned MMO Kickstarter campaign in Q3-Q4 of '15.

No, really though. I understand the frustration of those waiting but am also quite tired of reading about it so frequently. None of us even have a clue on how Battlescape’s tiers will work after a successful campaign. So until then, relax.

I like your way of thinking.

Makes perfect business sense.

Ready to pledge as well :smile:

If possible make ground combat a stretch goal :smile:

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That would be a very stretchy goal indeed :stuck_out_tongue:

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Kinda funny how I been waiting for this game for about 1/3 of my life.


I think people are starting to lose their minds over not being able to throw their money at you guys.

We can just put a donate button on the front page if you think it would help :stuck_out_tongue: