Reading Rainbow Kickstarter

So, I’ve been watching the Kickstarter for Reading Rainbow this afternoon, and it has been an inspiring process. They’re raking in pledges at a rate of $100,000 per hour today, and will have met their funding goals by the time I get home from work tonight.

Now, if only I can get myself a new job before the signed headshots and books are sold out.

so excited!

Is Levar Berton involved?

Yup! He has continued his involvement as EP and host on the RR iPad app, he’s the host of the Kickstarter video, and he’ll continue his involvement as it always was in the new web series.

I loved the cameo of Brent Spiner at the end there. :smiley:


Levar Burton’s reaction to reaching $1 million

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“Right now 1in4 kids in the US will grow up Illiterate”, now that’s breaking news stuff.

What are you guys doing there in the great and mighty US?

I think that’s kind of high (at least I hope it is). EEK!!! I still hope there wrong.

Seems I missed the real news, Kichae you lost your job?

Strictly speaking, no. My contract expired, and while there’s a good chance that I will be offered a new one next month, there’s been a gap between them.

Not that it matters. At the rate the books and headshots are going, I’m not going to have a chance to get one before the new project starts, or I pick up a more permanent position elsewhere. Bollocks.