Reaction to -> Star Wars Ep.7- the official trailer

I saw it on youtube before two days and dropped my jaw, for real. Honestly, I viewed it some times more and every time it became even more great for a movietrailer. The great feeling given by this trailer makes me believe this movie will be totally different to the Ep. I-III once.
It shows Han Solo, Leia and Chewbaka, absolutly perfect music(!!!), debris of an old star destroyer (man how cool is that?) X-Wings and the glorius sounding Tie Fighters! Can’t wait for it!

What about you?


Not yet, but I’m fairly certain I’m going to be dragged to see it no matter what when it hits theaters.


I have now seen it. 'Scuse me while I go bounce off the walls.

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Looks good. I’ll reserve my judgement for after seeing the movie, though.

And of course, someone had to take on the poor TIE.

I’ll be in the theater, watching it in original voice over, in 3D, on release day at 0:01. I think that should answer the question? :smiley:

I must not become too hyped about this… But I can’t help myself!

One thing JJ does well is good action scenes. Combine that with the overwhelming nostalgia trip I got watching it and I’m sold. I know there will be story things that won’t sit well with me, but to be honest Star Wars isn’t really about the story for me.

Luke is also very inconspicuous in these trailers. That might mean something, it might not.

To be honest, after reading some of the atrocities written set after the original trilogy, any story would be better.

The Yuzzhan Vong were an abomination on Star Wars law and rightfully earned being scrubbed from the canon. Though I hope they revisit and canonise the Old Republic stories at some point.

Wow, they were that bad? Still sad Thrawn was lost in the cleansing fire, though.

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Do you know how Chewbacca dies? Look it up. Then walk away from your PC in disgust.

He’s immortal. Must be.

Lately, I’ve seen a Star Wars 360° Vid on Samsung Gear VR. Driving (or fllying?) 1st person on some kind of speeder alongside the crashed star destroyer in the desert from the Trailer. I wasn’t prepared for this kind of enormous size, and just how BIG this ships are. Now, in this Trailer the Falcon has a pursuit INSIDE this crashed ship. Wow -> :scream:

I don’t think, that there will ever be good special effect action movies again since everything is done in CG.
Just watch the Matrix triology and see a whole era of SFX-based movies die!

He gets crushed with by a planet. That might sound awesome, but the circumstances it occurs in are absolutely absurd. I put the book down and stopped reading at that point, I was done.

Sad about that too. That was some of Timothy Zahn’s work wasn’t it? He even did some books to retcon some of the stupid shit other authors had done in the EU.

The Mad Max movie proved that a good director / producer will employ both physical props and CG effects to make the film believable. Or do you mean we won’t see full-CG movies again because of all the bad ones we’ve had to suffer? :stuck_out_tongue:

Let’s not forget that Lucasfilm pioneered the practice of mixing physical props and (what was then very early) CG effects.

Also, my mind was blown when I learned that Pixar was created out of ILM, in turn created by George Lucas.

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And a better sound system at the movies.

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The Fly II

Oh, hopefully.