Radio Crackle For Comms

If the devs do decide to add VOIP, they should add radio crackle. The farther away you are from someone, the worse it gets, until its gone completely. This would make VOIP a lot cooler, and would make communication harder, so ships might need to invest in better comms.

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So it would work as normally but with cool immersion effects? That’d be cool. Sadly most people would use skype/teamspeak to get about the limitation :frowning:

I like to use the Teamspeak plugin ‘Crosstalk’ to give the voices I hear various radio comms effects and hiss. And then have my own mic on and off and others on and off mic beeps.

I asked Discord support if they could make a similar plugin and they said when the API is out the developer of Crosstalk is free to make his plug-in work on Discord. (I’ve already asked the developer)

Crosstalk make things sound just like the I:D KS trailer videos radio comms chatter :slight_smile:

Anyone else interested in ‘Crosstalk’ for use with comms in I:B ?

And also like Voice Porting radio comms effects - ship to ship radio/static/distance effects-like BSG(2004)

voice porting - 2008 tech demo video from Interstellar Marines (watch from 12:40 minutes).

I’ve been lobbying for this in Star Citizen and it will now have something much better for in-game voice comms the devs say. Worth using the in-game for this if its not abused.

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I considered suggesting this in my other thread about chatter, but that was before I decided that all ships needed to have unlimited range if they were able to privately communicate with anyone else in the system. It wouldn’t make much sense (besides not making sense at all that there is no comms delay, see my point about superluminal radio in the other thread) that you could flawlessly communicate with someone on the other side of the system and yet people closer to you but outside a range threshold would experience crackle.

I feel like this is one of those areas where realism and immersion needs to be heavily sedated in favour of good gameplay and social interaction. Yes I’m fully aware of third party VOIP software, and I’m almost always just on Skype with friends, but people who just jump in by themselves may want to simply engage with other players and possibly establish some relationships.

Your right of course, gameplay come first. But we are moving into an age where our tech and software all works a lot better. I find the crosstalk plugin great to use on teamspeak. And as I mentioned suggested to the dev to expend that to Discord when the api is ready.

I’m not sure if there is anything for mumble like cross talk.

Did you watch the voice porting video. For 2008 on the UE3 engine its pretty forward thinking for voice comms. being able to hear people thru doors and walls. With similarities of course to the Arma A.C.R.E - Advanced Combat Radio Environment.

The distances in space are vast yes and ‘radio’ would soon fade. But when talking about voice comms effects its always been easier to use the term ‘radio comms effects’. But we can assume the comms for these ships are some future tech, which still is susceptible to distance and local planetary interference.

It would be good to find a way so those who do want comms effects can have them.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’d be awesome if there were situations in which you may be cut off from communicating with other people. Perhaps you’re flying through an electrical storm or close to a planet with a strong magnetosphere (I don’t know if in reality these would affect radio and not just ruin your ship) and there’s so much interference you can really make out anything.

However, would the average player enjoy that? Would they just get upset and frustrated? Or would they treat it as an exciting adventure, lost in the “wilderness” trying to make their way back to civilisation.

I’m torn by the conflict of realism and fun and consistency. I think it would be cool if the radio gets a little bit crackly and distorted depending on the range, but this would contradict the ability to communicate instantaneously which might imply a subset of fictional physics that ignores the dispersion of energy over distance.

This may be mitigated somewhat by the implied use of a high gain antenna, but one would expect that to be on the outside of the ship and to be directed at one target, or small area, at a time. Such targeted transmissions are a bit difficult if you’re flying around and changing directions, so perhaps you would have to maintain a static orientation to perform long range communications.

Like I said it’s important to find a balance between realism and gameplay, and on this I may be thinking too much from both perspectives.

Nooooooo… please dont!!!
I already hated it in the KS-Video.

Please rather lower the actual bandwidth for voice com if the people are far away or behind a planet or so…

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I do prefer radio comms effects and mic on/off beeps custom sounds etc. I’d be happy to sue any system as long as this can be built in or developed as a plugin.